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Land Rover Defender D110 -Byzek



The Byzek Story

I envisioned crafting a Helderburg with a sleek, James Bond-inspired design. My objective was to fashion a Defender that prioritized its smooth lines, invoking a feeling of elegance. With this in mind, I embarked on the journey of designing a Helderburg that achieved the ideal equilibrium—a commanding presence exuding ruggedness, capability, and timelessness, all while offering an interior reminiscent of an English library.

What matters to me most is that every element of a Helderburg blends seamlessly, creating a harmonious whole. When you gaze upon a Helderburg, your eye should effortlessly glide across it, with every component feeling purposeful and complementary. It’s like a dance for your mind, marked by subtle yet deliberate details that flow.

Within, the interior adopts an almost monochromatic elegance, predominantly draped in dark leather. However, this somber palette finds relief in the form of contrast stitching, gentle fawn beige highlights featuring diamond quilting, and tasteful accents of billet aluminum. The inclusion of a generously proportioned panoramic glass roof, accompanied by warm LED lighting, bathes the space in a welcoming and luminous ambiance.

Stepping into the driver’s cockpit, one is greeted by the unmistakable scent of fine leather when the door opens. This space exudes the timeless charm of an English library, complete with custom led gauges designed to look traditional and a meticulously handcrafted wooden steering wheel. Yet, it seamlessly integrates modern technology, with a generously sized High Fidelity touchscreen that offers wireless Apple CarPlay, hosts the Tidal app, enables video playback, and houses supplementary cameras. These cameras not only aid in parking maneuvers but also keep a watchful eye on external movements, capturing any curious onlookers who venture too close.

Turning our attention to the exterior, it boasts an Arctic Grey hue with a subtle hint of blue, bestowing upon it a captivating and refined demeanor. This color undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, transitioning from a gentle, light blue-grey to a deep, commanding charcoal, all contingent on the prevailing lighting conditions, further enhancing its irresistible appeal.


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