Hello, my name is Paul Potratz and selling Defenders is not what I do for a living. It’s not a business for me, but a hobby— or an addiction, depending on who you ask.

A Passion for English Made

My passion for English-made started when I was 2 or 3 years old. My father was my influence from a very young age. He had a passion for anything hand-built, especially if it was made in England. My dad, Paul Sr., rode me around the streets of Chicago in a very uncomfortable child seat on the back of his metallic brown, Made-in-England, Raleigh 3-Speed Nottingham bicycle. From a young age, I dreamed of owning and driving Bentleys, Range Rovers and Land Rovers. I purchased my first Range Rover many years ago and the addiction has only intensified.

What is Bespoke vs. Restored vs. Pre-Owned

Today I have a small collection of Restored Land Rover Defenders that I had built to my specifications by a friend and his talented craftsmen in England. Every 2-3 months I import a new Defender or two that I drive for a little while. Then I end up selling it to a friend or acquaintance.

I am now at the point where I have friends asking me to do Bespoke Built Defenders (Bespoke is a proper english term for Custom) to their specifications. I enjoy helping them choose all the options to make the perfect Bespoke Defender. The options are almost endless when it comes to exterior colors, interior options and accessories.

I have made some great friendships with complete strangers from across the world due to our shared love of owning a Land Rover Defender. In fact, some of these friendships have resulted in them selling me one or more of their Land Rover Defenders, which I then sell as a Pre-Owned Defender that has not been restored but is mechanically perfect.

A Defender Might Fit Your Lifestyle Perfectly

I find the Land Rover Defender a unique vehicle that it’s suitable for everything and every situation in my life. During the week I commute back to my Advertising Agency offices in Schenectady NY and it has proved to be the perfect daily driver regardless of the weather. We get a lot of snow and it’s not uncommon to have 1-2 ft of snow on unplowed roads. Getting to work or home has never been an issue since driving a Defender. 

My 110 acre horse farm, Potratz Farm, has become the perfect place to start Helderburg Defenders. Individuals find it to be the perfect location to test drive a Defender both on-road and off-road, with the only traffic being a tractor or amish horse drawn carriage. The farm is easy to get to (50 mins from Albany, NY, 3 hrs from NYC, 4 hrs from Boston ). It’s also a perfect place to take a vacation or a long weekend with plenty of hiking, water sports, skiing/snowboarding and skeet/sporting clay hunting in the surrounding Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, not to mention an abundance of history!

I look forward to seeing you on the farm.


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