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Built to Order Land Rover Defenders

The Steps of Commissioning a Helderburg Land Rover Defender

1. Choose a Model

If you know what model you like then great. If not we will discuss your needs so you can decide if a D90, D110 or D130 will fit your lifestyle. Click here to see Restored Defender pricing.

2. Prepare a Build Spec

From our conversation we will prepare a custom build proposal that outlines model, equipment and possible additional upgrades.

3. Secure Your Build Slot

A deposit of 50% will secure your build slot and reserve a Defender.

4. One of a Kind Design

We work together to finalize your unique perfection on colors, leather and overall design.

5. Final Step

It takes approximately 3,100 hours/6-8 months to craft a Helderburg Defender. Remaining 50% balance is due and shipping is scheduled.

Imagine yourself driving a Built to order "One of a Kind" Land Rover Defender that retains the classic looks but has modern comforts, performance and technology ...This is a Helderburg Defender.

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Helderburg Bespoke Defender
Paul with the Dogs

I'm Just Like You

I have always loved the looks of the Classic Land Rover Defender but found it was not suitable as a daily driver due to lack of power, noise and dependability.

However, I decided to do something about it... I've spent years working with Land Rover Defender Craftsmen, modifying, customizing and testing my personal Land Rover Defenders.

All in an effort to create a classic Defender that fits my daily life of long commutes during brutal winters or muggy summers in a suit to work, hands free calls, client lunches and the weekend or longer adventures with my wife and dogs.

I wanted the looks of the Defender but did not want to give up the modern conveniences, reliability and comforts I became spoiled to. We succeeded in creating a Defender unlike any other. In the process we created a Brand that celebrates outdoor life, exploration and adventure called Helderburg which has become synonymous with the Best Built Defender that is Classic Yet Modern.

The Helderburg Defender is Iconic, comfortable, has just the right amount of technology and is fuel efficient (Mid to upper 20's per gallon). It can be serviced in the ruralist parts of the United States and Canada by almost any repair shop. Parts are plentiful and cost of ownership is less than $700 a year. Best of all if you ever decide to sell it you will sell it for more than you bought it for, This is why I drive a Defender Daily.

Helderburg Inventory
We Supply the Land Rover Defender

Our restoration-ready Defenders are included in the build price.

We stock and continually purchase rust free left hand drive D90, D110 and D130 Land Rover Defenders throughout Europe suitable for export to Canada, United States and even California. The Helderburg Built to Order Land Rover Defender Experience is a complete turn key experience.

Choosing Paint
Concours d' Elegance Paint

Any Color and Finish You Choose

Do you have a specific color or finish in mind or would you like us to create a Bespoke one of a kind color specifically for you. Helderburg Bespoke Paint is classified as Concours d' Elegance "car show perfection" and comes with a 75 year warranty.

Helderburg Performance
Engine Performance

Reliable, Good Power and Fuel Efficiency

Helderburg Engine Performance Package to the 300 Tdi and TD5 (Canada Only) make these turbo diesel motors even more reliable and provide a significant increase of power for city and highway driving while not losing the off-road prowess capability. Keeping the original engine configuration ensures the resell of your Defender is 35-50% higher than replacing the engine with a non-original motor. Additional drivetrain options are available: 300 TDi, GM LS3 / 6 Speed Automatic, Tesla Electric, and Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel

Helderburg Perfomance Suspension
Suspension Performance

Precise, Comfortable and Capable

Lift it, lower it or keep it stock ride height, it doesn't matter. We custom design your suspension to your preferred use with modern components. You won't spill your coffee on poorly maintained roads and will still be able to off-road with confidence. The Helderburg Suspension Package ensures steering is precise and accurate and body roll or sway is eliminated.

Heldeburg Brake Caliper
Drivetrain and Braking

Transmission and Brakes

Defenders were originally built as a vehicle for farmers but we have changed them to be for everyday individuals like myself commuting to and from work and taking trips. We have modernized the transmission to have a highway 5th gear, transfer case and front and rear transmission that is not only quieter but more comfortable for highway speeds. Due to the higher speeds we also also offer an upgraded braking package that will bring you to a complete stop quickly. The larger multi piston brake calipers and oversized cross drilled brake rotors are the ideal upgrade when you want even faster stopping power over our base 4 wheel disc brake system. (We also offer automatic transmission conversions)

Helderburg Infotaiment
Infotainment and Modernization

Touch Screens, Music and Comfort

Apple Carplay with Voice Control, Hi-Fi Audio Surround Sound, Satellite, Alexa, Google Assistant, Backup Camera, GPS Security Tracking with Alerts and Immobilier, Police Laser Jammer/Radar Detection, Power Windows, Central Door Locking, LED Courtesy Lighting and Heated Seating are all available options. It's a Bespoke "built to order" Defender so you can choose what level of modernization you like.

Helderburg Bespoke Interior
Bespoke Leather Interiors

Comfortable All Day Long

Sitting in a Helderburg Built to Order Defender is much like sitting in an English Library on a comfortable Leather Chesterfield sofa that was built and designed specifically for you. The leather that is in a Helderburg Bespoke Defender is carefully selected from the Scottish Highlands and every seat panel, door card and dash is all hand stitched to perfection. Choose from over 110 different leathers and fabrics to create your bespoke interior. There are several seat types and seating configurations to match your family and hobbies. All seating is heated and many have lumbar support. No matter if you're short or tall you will comfortably fit in a Defender with the Helderburg Sizing Process.

Helderburg Defenders
Why are Defenders so Expensive

Resale and Cost of Ownership

Yes, Land Rover Defenders are expensive and cost more than most other current mass produced vehicles being sold. The cost of ownership of a Land Rover Defender is less since it doesn't have tune up bills (change oil, filters and rotate tires that's it) nor does it have a complicated computer system that costs thousands to fix. The classic Real British Made Defender is not being made any longer so supply is limited and true authentic quality British Made Defenders are rarely sold by individuals which drives cost up. The demand is and has been for years much higher than the supply. Defenders have been increasing in value by an average of 20% per year for the last several years. Defender has been voted 1 of the top 10 vehicles to buy for investment purposes for several years. Defenders are unique in that you drive it as much as you like and it will not affect the resale value negatively. Add the Helderburg Brand and Certificate of Authenticity and the resell prices are even higher.

Choosing your Defender
What Do You Choose

Most Popular Question

I'm often asked which options do you get to choose and the answer is everything. However, if you don't have time and just want me to design it all, that is a great option also. I love designing Defenders and I will come up with the design for your approval. To clarify, we decide between a D90, D110, D130 and then discuss soft top or hard top and every last part on the exterior to interior. Performance upgrades, colors, grilles, wheels/rims, wheel flares, lighting, roll bars, winches, seat configuration and much more. It's part of the Helderburg Bespoke Defender Process and you even get to choose the key and name of your Defender by Helderburg.

Helderburg Defenders Helderburg Defenders
Located In New York

Sharon Springs, NY

While we build your Built to Order Defender in England, you can visit the Helderburg Farm in New York (1 hr from Albany, NY Airport, 3 hrs from Manhattan, NY, 3.5 hrs from Boston, MA) to preview and drive one of the Helderburg Built to Order Defenders. You will also be able to view other clients Defenders as the audio and security systems are being installed before they are transported to their final destination throughout Canada and the United States.