Helderburg The Interiors

"The smell of leather and the feel of an exotic wood steering wheel is something that never grows old when sitting in my Helderburg."

— Kurt R, Vancouver, WA.

A Helderburg is extremely comfortable for long drives, but the real pleasure comes in knowing the entire interior was hand crafted to perfection... even the steering wheel. A Helderburg interior is completely new and specifically built for you, even the custom made seat frames and steering wheel. We create a fusion of classic looks and modern tech so your Helderburg is extremely comfortable and usable for today's lifestyle and family.

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Luxury Leather Interiors

The Helderburg interior is bold but timeless and never overdone. Most refer to the Helderburg interior as one they would see in a luxury car. Our interior is exquisite and our leathers are designed for use and can take abuse of dogs and kids. Choose from several stitching patterns ranging from diamond, eggcrate, flutes, waves and square to mention a few.

basket weave
Diamond Stitch
Early Fawn Scottish Leather
Italian Bespoke Two-toned Distressed Leather with Quilted Mullinar Stitching

Exclusively Handcrafted

When you place your Helderburg order, the leather is tanned to order in Scotland specifically for your custom Helderburg build and every inch is 100% supple cowhide or bison leather. The headliner is hand done Italian Alcantara and the door handles, instrument cluster and heater vents are milled from a solid piece of aluminium.

Backlit gauges
Vent Controls
Wood steering Wheel
Leather Dash
Solid Aluminum Door Handles

Modern Infotainment

The entire cabin is insulated from exterior temperatures and sound, so if you opt for our High Fidelity sound system you will not only be highly comfortable, but surrounded by sounds an audiophile will appreciate. Our audio systems are Apple CarPlay/Android Auto touch screens. A Helderburg includes the modern conveniences of a backup camera and hands-free calling.

Marshall Speakers
Apple CarPlay
Focal Speakers
Focal Speakers

One of One Design

We offer over 300 choices in leather color and textures, but don't worry, we will help you make a choice that you will love forever and your family will appreciate when your Helderburg is passed on to them.

Leather Options
Leather Options

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