One of Kind Works of Art

We offer 3 different opportunities for owning a Helderburg Defender


The Helderburg Defender style that started our company that is known for unique modern designed Defender that is never overdone or "Franken-Built." It has the original configured drivetrain that is highly modified. Bystanders will mistake a Helderburg as a current model year 2023 or newer Land Rover. A Helderburg Defender is designed and comes in 4 different designs. Beach Cruiser, Lifted and Aggressive, Adventure Overland, and Luxury. Helderburg builds come with extensive sound deadening, backup cameras, Apple CarPlay/Android Touch Screens and Hi-Fi Audio Systems. Commissioning a Helderberg requires a 25-50% deposit and the wait is over 1 year to receive a completed Defender. We limit the production to 12 Helderburg Defender models per year. See past builds here.

Artisan Collection by Paul Potratz

This is a passion project of creating minimalist one of a kind Soft-Top Defenders in a very limited number. The design of each one represents a story, emotion or passion by Paul. The colors, designs and style are never repeated; They are 1 of 1 Works of Art. You will find full leather interiors mixed with wood, polished nickel and hand painted suspensions. The design is Classic, Unencumbered, Free and Fun. The Artisan Collection is a Classically Designed Defender with Performance upgraded engine, braking and suspension. Reserve now!

Helderburg Classic Series

Inspected and Certified Defenders by Helderburg. These Defenders have the original patina, paint and character. They are for individuals that enjoy the excitement of a classic Defender. These Defenders are simply too nice and rust free to restore. We make the updates needed to ensure you have a Classic Defender with the Helderburg approval. See the classic series.

Owning a Helderburg is knowing you have something that is built by hand, unique and continuously rising in value. It's the best way to make lifelong memories with your family, friends and having a piece of automotive art that will become a heirloom.