Helderburg The Restoration

Highly Collectible Performance Tuned Helderburgs

At Helderburg we stock over 80 authentic D90, D110 and D130s waiting for the Helderburg Restoration Process. We restore 1993-1997 model years since they are the most desirable, are void of a computer and are highly reliable. We only build authentic British Solihull UK built left hand drive Land Rover Defenders. Land Rover Defenders restored by Helderburg retain original classic looks but receive "a Touch of Modern Tech", "Performance Tuning" and a "Luxurious Interior". A Helderburg has the comfort of a Luxury Car and the Function of a Daily Driver.

Authentic British Solihull UK built left hand drive Land Rover Defenders
Authentic British Solihull UK built left hand drive Land Rover Defenders
Authentic British Solihull UK built left hand drive Land Rover Defenders

Performance Tuned Engines by Helderburg

Helderburg designed and restored Land Rover Defenders are Highly Collectible restorations. We have clients that have commissioned 3+ Helderburgs due to the ever increasing value and build quality. A Helderburg restoration retains the original engine but receives extensive Performance Tuning to the Turbo Diesel engine, transmission and gearing. This process retains the Highly Collectible Originality but transforms the driveability so it becomes a vehicle that can be driven daily with ease, easily exceeding 75 mph. We're not saying it will drive like an Escalade or like, but it's no slouch after receiving the Proprietary Helderburg Performance Tuning Components and Know How.

How Does a Helderburg Drive?

Bodywork Recrafted to Perfection with Tailor Made Parts

Rebuilding an authentic British built Land Rover Defender to an investment quality heirloom work of art is a passion and a passing craft. Helderburg restorations are recrafted with the same process and same type of machinery that was used in the original factory in Solihull UK. Clients have a sincere appreciation knowing their Helderburg is completely crafted by hand and uniquely one of a kind with over 3000 hours invested.

Helderburg Custom Paint
Helderburg Headlight Surround

Body Frame Off Restoration

Keeping the provenance true and accurate is at the core of each Helderburg build to ensure your Helderburg retains collectible status and increasing value. At the center of our workshop is custom made frame benches to ensure the original factory numbered steel ladder frame is rebuilt to better than new tolerances. Helderburg frames go through a special epoxy coating process to prevent corrosion. Your Helderburg is an Heirloom Investment that is built to be passed on to family members.

  • We design and fabricate several performance parts by hand for each Helderburg that retain the classic design but improve performance and functionality.
  • Our expertise in working with aluminum body panels ensures a perfectly built Land Rover Defender often better than when it was new 25+ years ago.
  • Every Helderburg is designed and crafted to be an heirloom investment piece that can be enjoyed and driven for decades.
Frame off restoration
Frame off restoration
Frame off restoration

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