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Passion for Preservation

Defenders for Investors and Car Enthusiasts

Due to the volatile stock and real estate market, more individuals than ever are moving their savings into tangible collectibles like art, antiques, jewelry, watches and classic cars which has driven a specific interest in Helderburgs. Helderburg is classified among investors as The Premier Investment Quality Defender. A Helderburg is a fusion of classic luxury and modern design, tech and performance while staying true to the ethos of the original engineers in Solihull UK. The value of a proper Defender (non engine swapped) has increased in value by 480% over the last 10 years which has outpaced the stock market. So one must decide their financial goals and if they are in the market for a hot rodder engine swap Defender that has proven to depreciate at auction or an Investment Quality Defender that has increased in value at auction that can be driven, enjoyed and passed on as an heirloom investment or sold eventually.

* Sources: Hagi Index: http://www.historicautogroup.com/, Hagerty Market Ratings and BaT Auction.

Helderburg is a Fusion of Classic and Modern

A Helderburg is designed to retain collectible value while providing performance and tech for today's lifestyle. We redesign and restore original classic left-hand drive Land Rover Defenders that were originally built in Solihull, UK from 1990 to 1999. Our clients are investors, collectors or enthusiasts that love the looks of a Classic Land Rover and want performance and modern technology without sacrificing the increasing monetary value and collectible status that Defenders have gained over the last 18 years.

Helderburg Headlight Surround
Helderburg D110 Engine

Performance without Sacrificing Collectible Value

We modify and performance-tune the original numbers/period correct fuel-injected turbo diesel engine that enables a Helderburg to have ample power comparable to today's modern vehicles. Then we incorporate gear ratios of the transmission and differentials to allow full use of the Helderburg Performance Tuned engine. Due to the increased engine performance, we have designed and developed a modernized suspension and steering system that provides precise handling and a smooth ride regardless of road conditions in the city or on the highway. The ride and steering are comparable to modern-day vehicles.

Luxury and Technology

Helderburgs receive extensive insulation and sound deadening. We custom fabricate a heating and air conditioning system which provides a comfortable Luxury cabin superior to other Land Rover Defenders. The cabin incorporates a touch screen, backup camera, hands-free calling, and high-fidelity audio. A Helderburg cabin, with its attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, has a discernible difference.

Cabin Interior
Helderburg Billet Aluminum Door Handle

Little Things Matter

On a Helderburg you will find that everything has been considered from the billet aluminum windshield spray nozzle that does a fan spray of fluid to the billet aluminum exterior door handles that have recessed finger grooves. It's the little touches on a Helderburg that make the difference.

Comfort is Key

A Defender looks rugged and the majority drive like a truck unless it's a Helderburg. Our pursuit from the beginning was to create a Daily Driven Defender with modern day conveniences and comfort. Supreme comfort is standard in every Helderburg.

Defender Exterior

Why Helderburg Doesn't Offer Engine Swaps

The fuel-injected turbo diesel engine, designed by Land Rover, is described as "bulletproof" by many experts and is designed specifically for the Defender.

It's the perfect match for the Land Rover Defender. It does not have a computer, which makes it the perfect drivetrain. It is highly reliable and simple to work on by the most novice do-it-yourselfer or mechanic, in any city and parts are plentiful.

The Original Turbo Diesel:

  • Easily exceeds highway speeds after performance tuning
  • Extremely reliable, easy to repair and parts are plentiful
  • Specifically designed and engineered for the Defender
  • Has a longer lifespan than other engines
  • Has no computer or complicated electronics nor does it require computers to diagnose
  • Cost of ownership is significantly less since tune ups consist of oil changes and valve adjustment
  • Is extremely fuel efficient with 27-32 mpg
  • Uses the most popular fuel "Diesel" which creates less carbon dioxide than gasoline
  • Retains the collectible and increasing value of the Defender
  • Original Classic Defenders have increased in value by 481% over the last 10 years at auction. Source: Hagi Index http://www.historicautogroup.com/

A Land Rover was specifically engineered over 60 years ago to be a perfect vehicle for farmers and military, which required a high center of gravity and narrow track width to traverse challenging terrain.

The LS3, Cummins and EV Engine Swap on a Land Rover Defender:

  • Adds a complicated computer and electronics package that requires a computer to diagnose
  • Requires dealership visits where the hourly rates are higher than independent mechanics and prevents any diy
  • Horsepower that is not usable in a vehicle that lacks ABS, Traction Control, a high center of gravity, and lacks aerodynamics could spell disaster
  • A Defender is not designed for such an engine and cooling the engine is a known problem plus several other issues
  • An engine that consumes a lot of fuel and emits more carbon dioxide than diesel
  • Transforms the Defender from being superior in slippery/snow/wet road conditions to a challenge to drive safely without traction control
  • Frankenstein car build that's costly to build initially and will lose all historic, collectible and increasing value
Helderburg D130

Luxury Defenders with a Modern Touch while Retaining Classic Appeal

We find satisfaction in taking our time to preserve and create one-of-a-kind Defenders in such a way that they will remain collectible and are classified as heirloom investments. Helderburgs are the pinnacle of reliability, ruggedness, and capability and our passion is in authentic restoration with a slightly modern touch to make them perfect for today's lifestyle. We design and build for investors, collectors and car enthusiasts like ourselves, one luxury Defender at a time. Many will tell you there is not a better build than a Helderburg build. We also offer Classic Porsches to safely satisfy our and your need for speed.

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