Stage 2 Performance Tuned
Land Rover Defender D110 California Smog Compliant -Noire



The Noire Story

Model: D110 5 Door
Fuel: Diesel
Engine: California Smog Compliant
Color: Noire Metallic
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Meet Noire, a masterfully custom built Helderburg 1997 D110 5-door wagon that represents the pinnacle of performance and refined luxury. Every detail of Noire has been meticulously crafted, beginning with its heart—a powerful Helderburg Stage 2 California Smog Compliant Performance Tuned Diesel engine. This exceptional Classic Land Rover Defender is California Smog Compliant, ready to conquer any challenge with ease.

Inside, Noire offers an oasis of bespoke luxury. The seats are adorned in hand-stitched Scottish leather, featuring a stunning diamond stitch pattern in contrasting hues of Sand and Black Sand, creating an inviting ambiance of sophisticated comfort. The ceiling is lined with an Italian Alcantara headliner in rich Buckskin, enhancing the interior's sumptuous feel. The cargo area floor is laid in custom crafted Mahogany wood flooring which matches the custom crafted wood steering wheel.

The driving dynamics are as impressive as its aesthetics, with a professionally tuned Fox and Eibach suspension lifted by 2.5 inches to navigate diverse terrains effortlessly. The ARB locking differentials are finely geared to accommodate the 35" tires, ensuring accuracy in the speedometer readings. The robust 5-speed manual transmission is tailored for rugged terrain, with the first four gears optimized for on and off-road prowess and a fifth overdrive gear designed to keep RPMs low while exceeding speed limits as the owner explores the vast landscapes across California.

For journeys long or short, Noire is equipped with a long-range fuel cell for extended driving without the need for frequent stops. An on-board air system facilitates quick adjustments to tire pressure when transitioning from paved roads to uncharted paths, ensuring readiness for any adventure.

Elevating Noire's interior luxury is a state-of-the-art High Fidelity audio system, designed to immerse passengers in crystal-clear sound. It features an 11" touchscreen for intuitive control, an 800-watt amplifier, and 8 finely tuned speakers, back up camera and satellite radio. The custom-enclosed dual subwoofer delivers deep, resonant bass, transforming every journey into a private concert.

Noire isn’t just another Classic Land Rover Defender; it’s a moving symphony of performance, luxury, and technology. With its compelling blend of robust capabilities and lavish amenities, Noire stands as a testament to the artistry and precision engineering that Helderburg is celebrated for, making it a truly extraordinary addition to any connoisseur's collection with added touch of being a California Smog Compliant Classic Land Rover Defender built for a lifetime of adventure.


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