1972 Porsche 911 -Finley

in Sharon Springs, New York


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The Finley Story

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1972 Porsche 911 RS Style Leaf Green 2.8L Video

1972 Porsche 911 RS-Style Leaf Green 2.8L Video

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What happens when you combine a Porsche and a Defender? Video

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The Story

This Porsche 911t was a 2.5 year complete nut and bolt build to make it quite possibly the fastest and best handling long hood Porsche in existence that still looks like a classic 1972 Porsche Long Hood (on the exterior). This Porsche 911 named Finley is a Porsche RS model inspired build. It has new modern parts from late model Porsche GT3, 996 Twin Turbo and Porsche 930. The goal was to keep the narrow body but build a 911 that was blazingly fast and confidence inspiring.

Starting with the model year, a 1972 Porsche 911 is rare for two reasons.

  1. It’s the highly desirable long hood model which was only built between 1969 and 1973.
  2. 1972 was the only year Porsche put an external oil filler cap on the passenger side which makes it very desirable and brings a premium price.

There are several builders backdating late model Porsches to look like an early model Long Hood model. The goal of this build was to take an original 1972 Porsche 911 Long Hood and forward date the engine, transmission and suspension to a late model Porsche and keep the original classic look that everyone is trying to achieve. I think Finley achieved this goal!

Finley the 1972 911 was placed on the dynamometer and turned 180mph at 8,000rpm…redline is 10,000 rpm. This Leaf Green 1972 Porsche 911 is known as a “Sleeper” since the horsepower, acceleration and handling is that of a race car but can be driven to the grocery story or on a long trip.

This 1972 Porsche 911 was dipped for paint removal 2.5 years ago and the build started piece by piece with countless hours of securing the best builders, parts and choosing an exterior color and interior design that would ensure it would be a one of a kind design that remains classic The exterior color is Porsche Leaf Green which is a rare color and a color you have to see in person since it’s beautiful, unique and rare. People stop and look when Finley drives by and they are always sure to give a thumbs up. When stopped people go out of their way to ask questions and ask if they can take pictures…it draws a crowd.

The seats and door panels are cognac brown smooth and braided weave leather. The headliner is cappuccino light tan perforated leather and was all supplied from Spinneybeck Leather. The custom made carpet is 100% wool German Squareweave. The custom made seats were designed to hold the driver and passenger as they carve the canyons and are not only unique but very comfortable. The windows are power and the shifter is a WEVO so it ensures precise gear changes of the newly built and modified 915 5 speed manual transmission. Total labor and material cost for the interior was $34,411.

The engine was designed for canyon carving at speed and city driving so you can unleash your hooligan side at will and be civilized when going out to dinner. The engine and transmission was professionally built by Supertec Performance in California for a cost of $80,469.00 and the specs are extensive.

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1972 Porsche 911 -Finley



Price is in USD ($).

  • Year: 1972 
  • Model: Porsche 911  
  • Color: Leaf Green 
  • Engine: 2.8L 
  • Location: Sharon Springs, New York


Engine Core Long Block 3.0

Engine core long block 3.0 was built to a 2.8L High Performance Engine Twin Plug

95mm 10 to 1 Compression CP Pistons (thermal and dry film coated)

Nikasil Plated Mahle Cylinders 95mm

3.0 911 SC Aluminum Case Core

Billet Super Crank (custom manufactured) 66mm stroke (4.2k)

Dougherty Racing Billet Camshafts (DC60-62 102 LC)

Big Port 911 SC Cylinder Heads

Supertec Head Studs

AASCO Valve Springs

Titanium Valve Retainer

GT3 Main Bearings

Clevite Rod Bearings

Intermidiate Shaft Bearings

996 Twin Turbo Oil Pump

Comp Timing Chains and Ramps

Supertec Tensioner Arms

Carrera Chain Tensioners

GT3 Pankl Ti Rods and ARP Bolts (3K) Rockers and Shafts

Adjustable Forged Rockers

Complete Engine Balance Valve Job with Silicon/Bronze Guides

40mm Intake Ports 38mm Exhaust

Custom Plug Wires

Custom Machine Turbo Valve Covers

Custom MFI System

40mmx41.5 with 50mm Velocity Stacks, Custom Pump Nylon 11 Fuel Lines

Supertec Cold Start Device

High Butterfly Upgrade

GEN III Twin Plug Distributor

Burnham Performance Sump Cover

Shuffle Pin Case

RSR Lightweight Flywheel

Sachs Sport Clutch

Amber Fan Shroud and Perimeter Tin 228 Fan and Housing

Elephant Racing Finned Oil Lines

Fender Mount Widemouth Carrera Oil Cooler Kit

911 Semi Solid Engine/Trans Mounts

Stainless Steel Headers

Sport Muffler

Transmission 915 5 Speed Manual

RSR Transmission Oil Pump with Spray Bar and Nose Cone

Porsche 930 Output Flanges

Wrightwood Racing Gasket Set

Billet Side Cover

Brake band, blocks and stops

Porsche 930 Trailing Arms w/ Stub Axles

WEVO 915 Gateshift Kit

Suspension, Wheels and Braking

930 Turbo Tie Rod Ends

935 Suspension Kit Coilover Suspension

Swaybar and Drop Link Porsche RSR 20mm

RSR Rear Shock Tower Reinforcement

Eiback Coil Springs 8"x2.25 x 200 lb rate

Hyperco 2.25 Zero Rate Helper Spring

Racing RSR Strut Valving 220/100

Front Coil Over Hats w/ Thrust Bearing

Original Alloy Fuchs R 15x7"

Pirelli Tires CN36 215/60

Rothsport 930 Brake Kit

Gauges Built by North Hollywood Speed and Clock

RSR Gauges modified to work with modern ignition system and electronic speedometer

180mph conversion

10,000k RPM no redline

Temp/Pressure Replace to 10 Bar 300c

Internal LED Strips with Dimmer Control

Final Specs on Finley the 1972 911

Weight is 1,760 lbs which is over a savings of 500 lbs

911R 100L Fuel Tank

75 Amp Alternator

Battery Relocation to Smugglers Box

Retrofit to Modern Fuse Panel

Max Rpm 10,000k and original was 6,400

302 hp which original was 140hp

Top Speed 200+ mph