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Land Rover Defender D90 -Alex



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The Alex Story

Introducing "Alex," a distinguished D90, meticulously crafted by Helderburg. This Classic Land Rover Defender 90 has been expertly engineered from the ground up, ensuring every component is pristine, custom and unrecycled, embodying the very zenith of Classic Land Rover Defender builds.

Beneath the bonnet, Alex is powered by a completely new Turbo Diesel engine, finely tuned with Helderburg's exclusive performance enhancements to offer an unrivaled blend of vigor and smoothness that outperforms and handles better than a Mercedes G Wagon. This is harmoniously paired with a bespoke 5-speed manual transmission, thoughtfully engineered with a 5th gear enhancement for serene highway travel.

Helderburg Classic Land Rover Defender builds, marry the iconic elegance of the original Defender silhouette with the adept capabilities of a contemporary SUV. Designed to the exacting specifications of the connoisseur, Alex provides a sublime motoring experience, suited for both the thoroughfares of the metropolis and the byways of the countryside.

The cabin of Alex is a sanctuary of opulence, adorned with the finest full-grain Connolly leather, a hallmark of luxury once reserved for the interiors of prestigious marques such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar. The bespoke two-tone diamond stitching complements the custom-blended, non-metallic medium-dark grey of the exterior, enhancing the vehicle’s stately and imposing stance.

Moreover, Alex boasts ingeniously designed custom saddle bags integrated into the backs of the seats and the rear door. These elegant additions offer a sophisticated solution for organizing essentials, allowing for both functionality and aesthetic pleasure during outdoor pursuits.

Every Helderburg Defender, and particularly Alex, serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting vehicles that transcend time and trend. This build is not merely a restoration but a profound statement of luxury, bespoke to meet the desires of those who demand unparalleled excellence in their automotive pursuits. Alex invites you to partake in an enduring legacy of distinguished driving pleasure.

Alex will be receiving the Helderburg Pinnacle Sound System with an 11" touch screen and 800 watts of high fidelity sound.

VNT Stage 2 Performance Tuned Turbo Diesel (Our Highest Performance Build to Date)
5 Speed Manual Transmission with Highway 5th Gear
Exterior: Dark Linen Non-Metallic
Interior: Black Sand and Grey Cloud Connolly Leather
Headliner: Black Sand Leather and Alston Black Italian Alcantara
Steering Wheel: Moto Lita Leather Wrapped and Hand Stitched
Audio: 11″ Touch Screen High Fidelity Apple Car Play/Sat 800 Watts
Wheels: Beadlocker 16×10
Tires: 315/75 12.50 – 35″ Cooper STT Pro
Suspension: Custom Tuned Old Man Emu


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