1969 Porsche 911s Coupe -Ramsey



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The Ramsey Story

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Porsche 911s Autumn Drive Video

Porsche 911s Autumn Drive Video

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The Story

Ramsey is a one owner 1969 Porsche 911s with only 66,811 miles. This investment quality Porsche is perfect in every way and needs nothing.

All details and options of this 1969 911s are confirmed by the Original Kardex, Original Bill of Sale and Original Letters between the Original and Only Owner and Dr. Z Holy from Autoport in Frankfurt Germany on Oct 6th 1969.

We went through it and did a complete disassembly and reassembly of it. We spent $58,429 on a total refresh of the engine, transmission, body, trim and door seals. It’s fresh and looks like it did on the showroom floor in 1969.

Again this is an investment grade 911s long hood which is the first model year Porsche offered a long wheel base which is 57mm longer than the previous 911. The wheelbase length was increased to increase handling and this was also the first year they offered Bosch mechanical fuel injection MFI. The MFI system had been tested on Porsche racing cars for the previous 3 years. Also a second battery was added for additional starting power and weight distribution due to the heavier and more powerful 2.0 flat 6 cylinder engine that creates 170 hp. In total there were 1,492 911s Porsche coupes built for 1969 and very few still exist and even fewer in this condition. This is a 9+ out of a 10 scale.

As you know the 911s was the highest trim level offered and today is highly sought after. 911t was the entry and 911e was mid range. This Porsche 911s in Bahama Yellow has all new seals and again the entire vehicle was disassembled and reassembled even the engine and transmission. It’s perfect in ever-way. It has the original paperwork, service book, extensive service records totaling over $30,000, owners manual, tool kit, spare tire, number matching fuchs wheels and is all numbers matching Kardex/original specifications.

Currently replacement value and valuation set by Hagerty at $254,000.

The original owner Michael, a retired attorney living in Maine, purchased it in Oct of 1969 and has been the only owner. He and his wife Margret only drove it on weekends in fair weather and the original documented 68,711 miles show it was enjoyed but was never a daily vehicle. Nor was it ever raced, modified to be a racer or in a collision. The original owner Michael is now 84 and still checks in and asks for a recent picture of his beloved 1969 Porsche 911s.

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1969 Porsche 911s Coupe -Ramsey



Price is in USD ($).

  • Year: 1969 
  • Model: Porsche 911s Coupe  
  • Color: Bahama Yellow 
  • Engine: Flat 6 2.0 
  • Miles: 66,811 



Flat 6 2.0


Engine Flat 6 2.0

Fuel Injected Bosch Mechanical Fuel Injection

Transmission 5 Speed Manual

170 hp

Black Interior

Bahama Yellow Exterior