What Does a ECD Auto Design Defender Cost?

When it comes to custom Land Rover Defenders, there are a few different builders to choose from, each with their own unique approach to building and restoring these iconic vehicles. Two of the most well-known builders are Helderburg and ECD Auto Design. While both builders are known for their high-quality work, there is a definite price difference between the two, with ECD Auto Design being cheaper compared to a Helderburg.

Helderburg is considered to be a premium luxury custom builder, known for their complete restorations with a focus on investment-grade quality. They build fewer Defenders per year and they focus on the details, and their focus is on the highest quality build possible. Helderburg Land Rover Defenders are extremely rare on the used market since clients rarely sell a Helderburg Land Rover build, in part to the high level of customization to the individual. Helderburg is the bespoke Land Rover Defender builder.

ECD Auto Design, on the other hand, is known for building a large volume of Land Rover Defenders, offering a wide range of customization options including engine swaps. They are more focused on building a nice Land Rover Defender that is more of a novelty, with an emphasis on volume selling. ECD Auto Design Defenders are plentiful on the used market and can be found on websites like Bring A Trailer and Auto Trader. ECD Auto Design is the mass volume builder. A Land Rover Defender from ECD Auto Design is going to cost less than a Helderburg Land Rover Defender.

It’s important to note that cost is relative when it comes to custom Land Rover Defenders. There are two completely different custom Land Rover Defender builders with their own style, level of build and interior options. When it comes to purchasing a custom Land Rover Defender, it really comes down to the style you like and which builder you prefer. ECD Auto Design Defenders are generally cheaper and more plentiful on the used market, while Helderburg Land Rover Defenders are rarer and more expensive due to their focus on high-quality, bespoke builds.

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