What do the vents do on a Defender?

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I’m asked oftentimes, what is this right here? What are these vents? And that’s exactly what they are, is they’re vents. So this is your fresh air vent.

Let me kind of point this out though. It’s really easy. There’s a lever in here and now you have fresh air. It’s that easy. So the one thing that you’ll notice about the vents and the things that we do is we replace the seals. There’s foam seals under here. We make sure that the cables are working because a lot of times people don’t use these and they’re not used for several years. They don’t really open up so well and then the foam just kind of falls apart. But again, it’s just a lever. It’s a great way to just get fresh air. It’s really cool. It’s retro. It’s what it is.

So we paint the backside. We put new stainless steel bolts in here basically hinges and redo that. So that’s what it is. It’s air vents. It’s a fun little thing to do.

I’m also going to point out vents here. I’m asked about these vents in addition. So what this vent is, is it’s a fresh air intake vent that goes into the air box. And sometimes you will see these vents change from side to side. Generally why they change from side to side it’s dependent if the truck has a right-hand drive or a left-hand drive.

Same thing with this vent too. That this vent is a functional vent that’s going into the air box again. And on the left side, that’s not a functional event. There’s nothing to it. So it’s basically a dummy plate. Again, it depends on right-hand drive versus left-hand drive because on a right-hand drive, then the engine components are on the other side or the air box components are on the other side. And then the power steering box is on this side. So that’s where, if this is a left-hand drive generally this vent, this vent is functional. If it was a right-hand drive then the functional vents would be on the opposite side. So a lot of vents.

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