Want a Custom Built Defender Webinar
Want a Custom Built Defender Webinar

Live Webinar - Sunday April 11th 11:07 est

Learn About The Process of Commissioning a Helderburg Bespoke Defender

It Also Might Be The Best Investment You Will Make in These Crazy Times!

Sunday, April 11th at 11:07am EST

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I'm keeping the group small so we have time for questions.

Discover The Process of Ordering
A Bespoke Built Helderburg Defender

  • Where We Source Our Defenders
  • What Options You Have Available
  • How to Decide Between D90 vs D110 vs D130
  • How to Design a Truly Unique Defender
  • How to Pick Paint Color
  • Down Payment Terms
  • Timeline to Completion
  • Viewing Defenders During Build

PLUS... Learn What Is Updated and Replaced In A Bespoke Helderburg Defender

We'll Also Cover...

  • Performance Modifications
  • What it's Like to Drive a Defender on the Highway and In-Town
  • Can You Drive It Daily
  • Where to Get It Serviced and Service Routine
  • Reliability and Known Issues
  • The Comfort and Technology Options Available
  • What is the Warranty of a Helderburg Defender
  • Ask Your Questions

Plus... Should You Opt for The Corvette, Cummins or Electric Conversion?

Sunday, April 11th at 11:07am EST

As you know Classic Land Rover Defenders have been increasing in value by 18-23% a year for the last 11 years in a row...
but in the last 12 months they have seen a 37% Increase!

We have received a significant influx of investors purchasing Bespoke Defenders as a way to diversify their investments, earn additional income and even enjoy driving them regularly. These individuals are simply moving money out of the stock market, real estate, gold and other traditional investments and are instead investing in Classic Defenders. HAGI (Historic Automobile Group International) tracks the collectors car market by tracking a number of indexes and reports. It shows the Collectible car market has significantly out-performed the S&P 500 continually for the last 10 years. The Top Index was up 33.78% for the year 2019, and more than 500% over the preceding 10 years, thanks to increasing global wealth chasing a limited number of collectible cars.

So now let's be blunt here...with all the stimulus packages and printing of money going on recently, what is that going to do for the value of the dollar and what will it do for the stock market? So you wanting a Classic Matching Number Land Rover Defender is not being frivolous, but appears to be a sound investment.

You Will Also Hear From A Classic Land Rover Defender Owner, That Will Share...

Why He Purchased a Classic Helderburg Defender and His Long Term Experience of Ownership.

Learn About the Process of Commissioning
a Helderburg Bespoke Defender

Sunday, April 11th at 11:07am EST