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Land Rover Defender D110 Double Cab -Truro



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The Truro Story

Introducing "Truro," a Helderburg Land Rover Defender D110 Double Cab meticulously restored in an exquisite custom paint color: Linen Grey Metallic. This Land Rover Defender, named after Cornwall’s historic city, Truro, combines the robust heritage of its origins with enhanced modern capabilities.

The comprehensive restoration process began by completely disassembling Truro down to its bare frame, allowing for an exhaustive examination and rebuild. Every last component and part, from seals to wiring and bolts, was replaced to ensure pristine condition, essentially elevating it to better than its original state in 1997. This Helderburg Defender is 100% new from the ground up.

Originally owned by Florin, a seasoned fisherman from St. Nicolas Street in Truro, this Defender has undergone significant transformations. We have upgraded the engine, brakes, and suspension to adapt to the demands of contemporary driving while maintaining the vehicle’s classic aesthetics. The modernized engine delivers improved performance and efficiency, ideal for daily driving. Enhanced braking systems provide superior safety and control, and the updated suspension offers a smooth, refined ride whether navigating city streets or country roads.

With this meticulous restoration, Truro not only honors its past—rooted in the rugged landscapes of Cornwall and the adventures of its first owner—but also embraces the future, making it a perfect blend for today's discerning driver. This Helderburg Defender stands as a tribute to the craftsmanship and heritage of both the vehicle and the city it is named after, ready to embark on new journeys with its next owner. Completion Date Dec 2024


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