Extremely Rare 1 of 1 in USA
Land Rover Defender 90 Soft Top -SVX

in Sharon Springs, New York


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The SVX Story

Land Rover rarely does a special addition but when they do you can be sure it will be unique. Announced in 2007, Land Rover celebrated its 60 anniversary by creating a very limited production run of 300 Defender SVX90 examples for the UK Market only.

Now here’s your chance to own a 1 of 1 Land Rover Defender SVX 90 by Helderburg.

The Land Rover Defender SVX 90 is equipped with a plethora of special features that can’t be found on any other Defender.

The roll cage is a specific design that is only available on the SVX with a special mounting points for a spare inside the cabin. The uniquely designed and sporty soft top in matte black is another exclusive feature as in the center console. The authentic hard back Recaro bucket seats are wrapped in half leather and heated. The fuel injected turbo diesel engine is performance tuned and drives significant power to the sophisticated suspension which is exclusively designed for the very limited SVX 90. The Defender SVX 90 is unmistakable a very special Land Rover Defender with performance modifications clearly seen and special badging on the exterior and interior.

The SVX Defender 90 is a lot more than a sticker on the doors and bonnet. This is the only Defender SVX 90 by Helderburg in the United States.

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Rare D90 SVX Land Rover Defender Review Video

Rare D90 SVX Land Rover Defender Review Video

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The level of perfection in a Bespoke Helderburg Restoration can be seen immediately down to the smallest details. Our builds are completely disassembled to bare metal and then built back up piece by piece. Our detailed process of restoration will ensure a Helderburg or Porsche will remain perfect for decades as you pass it onto the next generation. Our Concours D'elegance paint work has a 75 year perfection warranty and due to our body preparation and painting process the paint will always look wet, deep and resist corrosion.

A Helderburg Bespoke Build is a mix of Classic looks with Modern Advancements in Comfort and Performance. When it's a Bespoke Helderburg or Porsche, you will enjoy the positive attention a Classic Land Rover Defender or Classic Porsche receives without the nuisance of slowness, maintenance and uncomfortable ride that often comes with a classic vehicle.

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Extremely Rare 1 of 1 in USA
Land Rover Defender 90 Soft Top -SVX



Price is in USD ($).

Built to Order Land Rover Defenders for Canada, USA, and Rest of World

  • Model: 90 Soft Top 
  • Color: Helderburg Verde Chiaro 
  • Engine: 300 TDi 
  • Fuel: Diesel 
  • Drive Side: Left Hand Drive 
  • Location: Sharon Springs, New York



300 TDi

5 Speed Manual Transmission


Soft Top

Driving a Defender Daily?

Dimensions & Towing Capacity

Width (inches):


Height (inches):


Towing Capacity (lbs):

Unbraked trailer 1635 lbs. Trailer with over-run brakes 7716 lbs.