Performance Tuned
Land Rover Defender D90 -Firenze

in Sharon Springs, New York


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The Firenze Story

The Story

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round and witness the unveiling of a true automotive masterpiece that will leave you spellbound. Helderburg proudly presents an extraordinary opportunity to acquire the crown jewel of adventure: a 1998 Land Rover Defender, adorned with a mere 35,611 original miles and bearing the prestigious lineage of France. Brace yourselves, for this D90 is no ordinary gem; it has been meticulously revived to surpass the boundaries of perfection, while honoring its inherent allure.

Our journey began with a choice, a conscious decision not to restore this Defender completely, for its untouched beauty was already a rarity to behold. Instead, we embarked on a transformational quest, meticulously refining and enhancing every facet, ensuring that it stands as a testament to automotive excellence.

Prepare to be mesmerized as we present the result of our unwavering dedication. The time-honored rivets and select body panels were removed, laying the foundation for a proper paint correction that would ignite the senses. Through the skilled artistry of our craftsmen, the Firenze Red Metallic paint has been elevated to a breathtaking level beyond factory standards, with a depth and lustrous sheen that rivals the strokes of a Helderburg masterpiece. And behold, the roof now bears the grace of Beluga Black, bestowing upon this distinguished beauty an air of bespoke elegance that commands attention wherever it roams.

Step inside this automotive sanctuary and prepare to be enveloped in luxury. The entire interior has been transformed into a Helderburg haven, swathed in opulent black leather. The artistry of gold diamond stitch quilting dances across every inch, each meticulous detail adding to the symphony of refined taste. Look up, and you shall find the renowned Italian Alcantara suede headliner, gracing the heavens above in a harmonious union of comfort and sophistication. But the transformation did not stop there, for we have replaced all the glass with new Helderburg factory-tinted glass, ensuring that every journey is a private and serene affair.

Direct your gaze towards the exquisite details that make this Defender a true work of art. The custom-made Billet Aluminum Helderburg Door Handles and hinges stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and ingenuity, adorning each of the three doors and the bonnet with an air of distinction. The hood has been replaced with a Puma-style counterpart, accompanied by a new grille and the brilliance of LED lighting, illuminating your path with a modern radiance. And those five new Land Rover Sawtooth alloy wheels, wrapped in the embrace of fresh BF Goodrich K02 tires, promise to carry you to new horizons in unparalleled style.

But the true marvel lies beneath the surface, concealed within the beating heart of this extraordinary machine. Behold, the New to the United States TD5 Turbo Diesel engine, a formidable force that now resides within this 1998 D90. We have further amplified its potential with our exclusive Helderburg performance tune, turning this Defender into an unstoppable force that rivals the swiftest of modern sports cars. Brace yourselves, dear enthusiasts, for the thrill of acceleration will leave you breathless, and the open road shall bear witness to your triumph over convention.

Yet, in our relentless pursuit of perfection, we have not forgotten the importance of comfort and convenience. We have added additional sound deadening insulation, ensuring that the rhythm of your journey remains undisturbed by the outside world. Allow Apple CarPlay to accompany you on this remarkable expedition, providing seamless integration for hands-free calling and the ease of a backup camera.

And now, dear adventurers, let us address the practicalities that underpin this wondrous tale. Fear not, for power steering and ABS brakes grace this 1998 D90 Defender, ensuring that the harmony between man and machine remains unbroken.

Now, you may wonder of the price, for such excellence often comes at a premium. However, we at Helderburg have embarked on a noble mission—to deliver a Defender that surpasses all expectations while keeping the price within reach. This extraordinary masterpiece, with its enduring charm and unwavering capabilities, can be yours for the remarkable sum of only $191,411.

Embrace the allure of this timeless beauty, for it promises to accompany you on extraordinary journeys that transcend the realms of ordinary existence. With meticulous care and boundless passion, we have crafted a Defender that will endure the test of time, ensuring that its presence in your life will be marked solely by the joy of exploration. Trust in Helderburg, dear seekers of the extraordinary, and allow this resplendent 1998 Land Rover Defender to become the embodiment of your dreams.

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The level of perfection in a Bespoke Helderburg Restoration can be seen immediately down to the smallest details. Our builds are completely disassembled to bare metal and then built back up piece by piece. Our detailed process of restoration will ensure a Helderburg or Porsche will remain perfect for decades as you pass it onto the next generation. Our Concours D'elegance paint work has a 75 year perfection warranty and due to our body preparation and painting process the paint will always look wet, deep and resist corrosion.

A Helderburg Bespoke Build is a mix of Classic looks with Modern Advancements in Comfort and Performance. When it's a Bespoke Helderburg or Porsche, you will enjoy the positive attention a Classic Land Rover Defender or Classic Porsche receives without the nuisance of slowness, maintenance and uncomfortable ride that often comes with a classic vehicle.

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Performance Tuned
Land Rover Defender D90 -Firenze



Price is in USD ($).

Built to Order Land Rover Defenders for Canada, USA, and Rest of World

  • Year: 1998 
  • Model: D90  
  • Color: Firenze Red Metallic 
  • Engine: TD5 - New to USA Turbo Diesel  
  • Fuel: Diesel 
  • Seats:
  • Drive Side: Left Hand Drive 
  • Miles: 35,611 
  • Location: Sharon Springs, New York



TD5 - New to USA Turbo Diesel


TD5 - New to USA Turbo Diesel

5 Speed Manual Transmission


Apple Car Play

Performance Upgrades

TD5 - New to USA Turbo Diesel

ABS Brakes

Power Steering


Black Sand Leather with Diamond Quilting with Gold Stitch

Air Conditioning


Firenze Red Metallic

Driving a Defender Daily?

Dimensions & Towing Capacity

Length (inches):


Width (inches):


Height (inches):


Wheelbase (inches):


Towing Capacity (lbs):

Unbraked trailer 1635 lbs. Trailer with over-run brakes 7716 lbs.