Titling a Defender

Commission Your California Legal Classic Land Rover Defender

So what is the titling process, for a Custom Defender from England?

Well, if I build the Defender for you, a Custom Defender, comes into Baltimore from England, and then comes here to Sharon Springs, what I’m actually giving you, is I’m giving you about five different documents, that’s required by the federal government, and would be required by your State.

So these five documents has everything you need, to take to your local DMV, and pay your sales tax, pay your title, your tags. So paying all of the fees, that you would pay, if you were to buy a used car, from an individual, that’s local to you. So again, there’s really no difference, except I’m giving you about five different forms, that you take into the DMV, that allows you, to go ahead and get your plate, your registration. And then they process that paperwork, and they mail you a title, whether it’s four or six weeks, that’s determined on, where you live. So that’s the first process.

So that’s the way it always starts when we do a Custom-build and no one really has any problems with it, we haven’t seen any problems, other than California.

So California as you may or may not know, Land Rover Defenders are pretty much illegal. However, we can build Land Rover Defenders for California. We can put them through the Smog Check, and it’s a permanent Smog Check, it does not expire. There’s an additional fee, that fee currently is about $10,000, that you would add under the price of the Defender, but it will allow you to legally own that Defender, in California, get the title and not worry about anything else, because it would be legal for the state of California.

The second option of the titling process, is if you’re buying a Defender, that I’ve been using for as my personal truck, or a Defender that, I’ve purchased from someone else, that’s been using as a personal truck, then you would receive a title, for the State of New York, or whatever State that that truck came from, that you would take to your DMV, just like if you bought a used car from an individual in your market, or from New York or wherever, and follow the same process. You would have to pay the tax, the title and the tax. So there’s really no difference in that. So it’s a simple process, even though it can seem overwhelming, but everything’s been checked, they’ve gone through the federal government, the EPA, they’ve all been… Everything’s been signed off on, it’s been notarized, it’s been stamped, it’s easy, it is ready to go. So that’s the titling process to Defenders.

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