Sales Tax on a Land Rover Defender

Commission Your California Legal Classic Land Rover Defender

Let me explain taxes to the Land Rover Defender and how that works.

So, when we do a bespoke build, a custom build for you, the taxes for the federal government are included in the price of the Defender, so we pay an export tax and an import tax, so we’re paying a tax to England, and then we’re paying a tax to the federal government, which is included in the price.

So the price that I quote you on your build process, or the price that you see on the website, taxes are all ready covered. However, if you live in the state of New York, then you would pay the tax on the purchase price of the vehicle, because we are a registered New York dealer. But the benefit of that is we would handle the registration process and the tag, so you wouldn’t have to go to the DMV and worry about it, we handle that all here in Schoharie County, since we are a, I guess you could say, a insured, legal-binding, New York auto dealer.

However, if you live in a different state, then you wouldn’t pay us any tax, you would pay your local town, wherever you go to get your tags, and your title, and get the plates and everything, you would pay them the sales tax on the purchase price.

So in New York, sales tax at this current time is eight, eight and a quarter percent, but in your state, whatever the sales tax is, if it’s six, seven, nine percent, then that’s what you would pay is on the purchase price. So, I hope that sums up, kind of clears up taxes for ya, but it’s a really simple process, and it’s really no different if you live out of state, meaning if you live out of New York, if you were to go buy a used vehicle from an individual, and what would you pay on tax? It’s the same process. You’re in New York, it’s just taxes, come to me, I get it done for you, you just have to have proof of insurance, and we handle it all for you.

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