Helderburg Steering Wheel


Behold the exquisite artistry of Helderburg Defenders, where each detail whispers elegance and craftsmanship. Among these treasures is the handcrafted Mahogany and Polished Billet Aluminum steering wheel, a testament to the mastery of artisanal skill. Now, this piece of artistry can be yours, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its unique place in the Helderburg legacy.

Picture the grace of this steering wheel: rich, deep mahogany paired exquisitely with polished billet aluminum, shining like a beacon of sophistication. Adorned with brushed aluminum rivets, each meticulously placed, the wheel becomes a constellation in your hands. The underside, with hand-carved finger recessed grooves, offers a dance of comfort and control, inviting your touch on every journey.

At the wheel’s heart, the embossed Helderburg logo on the billet aluminum center cap declares quality and elegance. This isn’t merely a component of your vehicle but a connection to the earth and the artisans who shaped it. Each steering wheel, now available for your personal Defender, is not just a part of the car; it’s a piece of Helderburg’s soul, ready to transform every drive into an experience of painterly beauty and unmatched grace.

Please specify 36 or 48 spline center spindle and year of Defender.