Pheasant Shoot in South Dakota

I’m excited to be sharing my first blog post with you since starting Helderburg.

I just returned from a pheasant hunt in South Dakota and what a fabulous experience— even if you’re not a hunter. 

I have been asked what my favorite part was and I have to say, it was seeing the hunting dogs in our group work. Watching these dogs work allowed me to reflect on life— and the takeaway is simple. 

Everyone needs a job with clarity of what is expected. 

Eddie, Tiny and Elvis were labradors and their personalities were complete opposites. Eddie was the alpha and wanted all the credit for recovering the pheasants, and was not above stealing from the other pups to get the credit. However he never received credit for the steal, but did receive a firm correction. It didn’t stop him and he was a ball of energy. These dogs had complete clarity in what their job was and they did it well. The determination of these pups were endless and kept me smiling all week. 

I think there is a take away we can apply to work and personal life here.   

When there is clarity of what is expected, there is a sense of accomplishment and happiness that follows. In other words, it does not matter if we are talking about humans or pets— when we have a specific job, we need to have clarity in what the outcome should be. 

Clarity is kind and vagueness is cruel. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed making new friendships and bonding with existing friends. Every morning and evening we shot skeet.  My newest side-by-side shotgun Rizzini Extra Lusso was such a pleasure to use. A few of the guys wanted to try it and now they are looking for their own. 

The best one liner was after Mark shot some skeet with the Rizzini and said, “Damn I love it and it kicks like a mule.” Let me say, he did not lie and I have the black, blue and purple colors on my shoulder proving his words.

Life is about enjoying the road less traveled and I was reminded of that over my hunting trip. It’s easy to forget when we’re in the swing of day-to-day life, with work and family on our minds. So, if possible, head out into the woods today— or outdoors in any capacity. 

Step away and take a breath. 

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