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The Overland Chest

Exclusive to 10 Numbered Pieces

Utilizing the skills of "Old World" craftsmen in the foothills of the Ozark mountains, Julian and Sons has become synonymous with the finest custom hand crafted cabinetry and woodworking...in the world. Helderburg is pleased to have chosen Julian and Sons to create 10 hand crafted Overland Chests for individuals that want only the finest offered.

The Helderburg & Julian Overland Chest is a work of art that looks equally great in the boot of your SUV or on display in your home. The Overland Chest was designed to be multi-purpose and work as a Hospitality, Dog, Fly Fishing, Upland Hunting, Shotgun, General Storage or a Very Unique Conversation Piece. It can be moved from your vehicle to your home or office and work as a fine hand crafted piece of furniture.

The hand stained American black walnut, vintage leather and solid brass hand crafted drawer hardware are a few of the details that make this gun & hospitality box unique, one of a kind that can be enjoyed for generations. Limited to 10 numbered pieces.

Price: $31,700 (Delivery time approx 3 months)
(Optional Cigar Humidor $5,870 limited to 5 Numbered Pieces)

Note: Designed to fit in the boot of Mercedes G Class, Land Rover Defender Classic and Current, Range Rover Full Size and Sport, Lexus GX or LX, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne and several other SUVs. (two size gun & hospitality boxes available)

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