Newsletter: You expected me to say this, didn’t you

I just got back and wanted to share my experience and a life lesson, along with a few pictures.

As autumn paints the world in its fiery hues, leaves begin their gentle descent, mirroring life’s ebb and flow. Every falling leaf whispers a philosophical tale, one I’ve always felt connected to. Feeling this change deeply, I knew it was time for a fresh journey. A gentle nudge to Christy, and we were soon packing, with Leo and Lucy wagging their tail “nubs” in anticipation.

Our starting point? Our cherished Horse Farm in Sharon Springs, NY. The destination? Unknown. Guided by the crisp scent of pine that fills the air in Vermont during this season, we embarked on a journey through the majestic Green Mountains. Each winding road inviting us to pause, breathe, and relish nature’s beauty. With the dogs by our side, we took spontaneous hiking detours, allowing the rhythm of nature to dictate our pace.

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Avoiding the toll highways, we let curiosity steer us through the tapestry of landscapes. Before we knew it, New Hampshire’s White Mountains loomed ahead. But the journey didn’t stop there. As we entered Bar Harbor, Maine, a wave of bustling crowds momentarily clouded our serenity. However, rather than being caught in the tide of tourists, we chose a different direction, venturing further up the coast, discovering quaint villages and the hidden gem of Machias, Maine.

Amidst the rugged cliffs along the shoreline, our souls found peace. The dogs joyfully frolicked, chasing after squirrels, the vast expanse solely theirs. This journey reminded me that life isn’t about treading worn paths or seeking safety in predictability. It’s about carving our own unique trails, daring to venture further, and finding those untouched patches of greener grass.

For in life’s vast canvas, it’s the bold strokes and unexpected detours that craft the most beautiful stories. Do you have a favorite place you recommend I should explore next? Please share it with me.

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