Newsletter: What do you think of this color Helderburg Defender?

As we bid farewell to a bustling summer season, I am thrilled to present to you the embodiment of summer vibes – the vibrant Helderburg Defender named Hermes. This exquisite creation was commissioned by Van from Tennessee, who is eagerly anticipating its arrival. Even before setting off to its new home, this masterpiece caught the attention of The Land Report Magazine, gaining a spot in their upcoming feature. Take a close look at the interior, luxurious but never overdone.

The magazine plans to spotlight not one but two Helderburg masterpieces. This leaves me pondering whether to showcase two stunning Helderburg Defenders or to pair a Defender with the equally breathtaking Helderburg Porsche. I find myself at a crossroads and would greatly appreciate your input. Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts via email? 

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In other exciting news, we have revamped our website to bring you an array of ready-to-deliver Defenders and Porsches, Click Here to See What’s Available Now. Feel the rush of owning a Helderburg by the end of the week! Reach out to me for a Facetime Video Call to get a closer look at the one that calls out to you. Here’s my direct line: 518-788-4724.

1989 Silver Anniversary Porsche 911

I am just a call away to assist you in commissioning your very own Helderburg or to answer any queries you may have regarding our offerings on

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