Newsletter: What an exciting month so far!

Spring is here and the birds are singing, trees are sprouting buds, grass is turning green and we have been getting several Defenders completed!

We have completed some beautiful Helderburg Builds! Currently we have 17 Defenders on the farm in Sharon Springs, NY! This is something to be very excited about since we have Helderburgs going to clients and we have 3 new Helderburg builds for sale right now.

We also have a client selling his Helderburg due to a medical issue also so you have a lot to choose from. This email is going to be long since we have been so busy working 7 days a week to get caught up. We are not caught up yet but some great progress has been made.

So let’s get this started with some of our new Helderburg Builds.

Alvin for $236,880, which is a client’s Helderburg that he has not even been able to drive, is available. It has 11 miles on it. The deep brown almost black color is absolutely stunning in the sun with a mahogany undertone. This build is lifted by 2″ and is Performance Tuned so it moves! The price is what the client paid 2 years ago when he ordered it. You could not build it for this price currently. He is very sad that he has to sell it and again, he has not even driven it.

Watch the extended test drive video here.

See all the pictures and description here.

It’s Soft Top Season! I know you are laughing and thinking… it’s Soft Top Season all year round. So we have completed not just 1 but 2 Helderburg Soft Tops. As you would expect these Helderburg builds are pure perfection and I will hate to see them go since there is nothing like smelling the leather when I walk into the garage.

I have been sitting in both Otto (green one) and Max (blue one) trying to decide which one I love the most. There is something magical about a Helderburg that is classic on the exterior and luxurious on the interior. The smell of the leather is fabulous! Which one do you prefer?

They are both here in Sharon Springs, NY so you can fly in and drive it home! These D90’s are Performance Tuned and drive like a dream. The hard decision is do you choose the Black Olive or the Graphite Blue Metallic?

Otto The Black Olive $254,810 with German wool carpet and English Connoly Leather

See the short video here.

See the long up close and detailed video here.

See the pictures and details here. 

Max the Graphite Blue $248,810 with German wool carpet and English Connoly Leather

See the short video here.

See the long up close and detailed video here.

See the pictures and details here.

Some Client Builds for your Viewing Pleasure!

Jordan (Any idea why it’s named Jordan?) Unlike any Defender you have ever seen and OH MY DOES IT BRING A SMILE TO MY FACE! The color, the stance, the interior… just check it out and let me know if you want us to build you a custom lifted Helderburg 110.

See the Short Video Here.

Ok, I have to run now and thank you for taking the time to read my emails! One last thing about Defenders. If you want a Defender but can’t justify the cost of a Helderburg build then we do have some Defenders that are perfect and would make you proud. They were traded in and I would like to see them go to someone that would like to live the Helderburg Lifestyle (Outdoor Exploring).

You can take either one for $98,400. They are both perfect and were restored within the last 12 months. No issues, no rust and as good as new. They are perfect!

D90 Soft Top Red – See it here.

D110 3 Door that will seat 10 people 300 TDI Soft Top Green – See it here.

I also just received a D90 300 Tdi Hard Top D90 in Epsom Green with silver roof with new light tan all leather interior. Only 71,000 original miles and needs nothing. We are installing apple carplay and it will be ready to go. If you are seriously interested then call me 518-788-4724

Have a great week.

PS. I have 2 build slots available for early next year for a D110 Double Cab Lifted and D110 Lifted.

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