Newsletter: Passion Project

This morning, our team unanimously decided to shorten our summer vacation and extend our workday by three hours to dedicate extra time to our Passion Project, which we started over three years ago.

The Passion Project involves creating five unique, one-of-a-kind Soft-Top D90s. Over the past three years, we’ve meticulously crafted custom components for the interior, exterior, suspension, and engine—components never before seen on any Defender from any builder in the world.

Until now, I’ve kept this project under wraps, but it’s time to complete Our Passion Project in 2024.

We’ve conducted extensive research to find paint codes for the rarest exterior colors from renowned car manufacturers like Duesenberg, Delahaye, Facel Vega, Ferrari, and Bentley. These colors, mesmerizing and unique, harken back to an era when car manufacturers were passionate about creating one-of-a-kind, adventurous designs—an era when car designers had the freedom to innovate without shareholder interference.

At Helderburg, we are driven by the same ethos. We don’t answer to stockholders and accountants. Our sole focus is creating unique Defenders that are unmistakably Helderburg. We are not the least expensive, and we never will be, because exceptional quality comes at a price.

Here’s my offer to you: 

We have five D90 Soft Top Defenders halfway through their restoration, and you can commission one of the most unique Helderburg Builds right now. You can choose the exterior and interior design, color, and stance, and we will build it with the custom touches we’ve spent the last three years crafting for our Passion Project. You can select your own colors or opt for one of the rarest exterior colors ever seen.

These five Custom Helderburg D90 Soft Tops are scheduled for completion in 2024, as they are already 50% completed.

So, the choice is yours! 

If you’re ready to become the proud owner of one of the rarest D90 Defenders ever built, call me at 518-788-4724.

One last thing—if you want to gather some inspiration and see the price range, Click here to see some of our past D90 Soft Top builds.

Don’t hesitate—Our Passion Project Builds are limited to just 5 exclusive creations. 

This unique opportunity is reserved for those who truly appreciate the rich history of automotive excellence and crave the unparalleled bold interiors, performance, sophistication, and stunning colors that come with owning a Helderburg.


PS. If you have any questions about Commissioning a Helderburg you can text me at the number above and I will leave you with a few pictures of past Helderburg Soft Tops. 

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