Newsletter: New Builds

It’s been a while since I last emailed you, and I have a good reason—Spring temperatures! It’s hard to stay indoors this time of year, or any time of year, really.

We’ve been busy at Helderburg, starting, completing, and beginning new builds! Let me introduce you to Alex, a stunning D90 hardtop. We began this build over two years ago with the idea of having a few Helderburgs in our inventory for those who can’t wait for a custom build. Alex will be available in July, so if you want your very own Helderburg, give me a call at 518-788-4724. See Alex Here

Now, let me introduce you to Noire, a Helderburg 110 in a brilliant black with a blue undertone. This one is truly special! Watch the video and find out why.

One last thing! Here are a couple more Helderburg builds we just completed, set to be delivered to clients in June. I’ll make sure to do video reviews and share some pictures with you.

PS. If you’ve been considering a Helderburg, let’s set up a FaceTime video call. This way, you can see some of our recent builds, and we can start designing your very own.

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