Newsletter: My nightmares have stopped. Thankfully!

Today, as I embarked on a solitary motorcycle ride, I found myself immersed in contemplation. Why, I wondered, am I irresistibly drawn to motorcycles, Land Rover Defenders, canoes, and my Overland Camper Van? And then, in a moment of profound realization, it struck me—I am captivated by the essence of freedom. But I pondered further, does freedom hold the same meaning, evoke similar emotions, and inspire you as it does me?

Whenever the stagnant currents of life threaten to pull me under, I find myself plagued by vivid nightmares, haunting visions of imprisonment. Yet, this is no mere correctional facility; it is a dark, suffocating place, its atmosphere heavy with the weight of confinement. Thick steel bars deny me the sight of the world beyond, locking me within its suffocating embrace. But when I mount my motorcycle, the aroma of nature caressing my senses, or when I navigate the uncharted paths in my Land Rover Defender, the sense of embarking on a grand adventure, or even when I glide my canoe upon unfamiliar waters or journey to new horizons in my Overland Camper Van, I experience an exhilarating sensation of freedom. In those precious moments, I am unburdened, weightless, and a radiant smile emanates from the depths of my being.

Gone are the nightmares that once held me captive, replaced by dreams both vivid and real, where I can effortlessly float and soar through the sky as if I have superpowers. It made me wonder, what does freedom mean to you? And do you find yourself embracing its embrace often? As time trickles through the hourglass of life, my yearning for the intoxicating elixir of freedom grows ever stronger. It has propelled me into a state of euphoria, where my creativity blossoms like a resplendent garden, urging me to capture fleeting moments with designing bold Defenders, written words and images with my camera. In this kaleidoscope of awakening, I have come to realize that I would do anything to cultivate more freedom. 

In this newfound state of serenity, I have cast aside the trivialities of others’ dramas, boldly asserting my limited patience for such distractions. Embracing freedom has become essential to preserving my sanity amidst the tapestry of existence. It is a sanctuary of peace, a haven where the shackles of worldly concerns lose their grip, and I find solace in the realm of boundless possibilities.

I invite you to reflect on the significance of freedom in your own life. Explore its meaning, its resonance within your soul. Embrace those moments when you, too, feel the weight lifted, when a sense of liberation courses through your veins. For in those fleeting instances of unfettered existence, we discover the true essence of what it means to be alive.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on freedom. I would love to hear your perspective as well. If you resonated with this message, please forward it to someone who would appreciate it and invite them to join my email list.

Now Let’s Talk About Helderburg Defenders and this week it’s all about video!

Before you dive into any videos, there are two important updates to mention:

1. We have an ongoing project involving a D110 5-door model that is nearing completion within the next three months. However, the client has decided to switch to a D110 Double Cab instead, which means you now have the opportunity to claim this vehicle. You still have the freedom to select the exterior design and color according to your preferences.

2. Additionally, we have a D130 model that was initially ordered by a client but they have now expressed their desire for a D110 Double Cab instead. This change presents you with the chance to make this D130 your own. You have the flexibility to choose the colors, and the vehicle will be ready for delivery by the beginning of next year.

To discuss further details and secure your preferred vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 518-788-4724.

Here are the Videos:

Helderburg Defenders located in Sharon Springs, NY and Available Now. 

Rare SVX D90
Available Now for Purchase

Otto the D90 Soft Top
Available Now for Purchase

Classic Series Defender 90
Available Now for Purchase

Max the D90 Soft Top
Available Now for Purchase

Bohn D90
Available Now for Purchase

Have a Wonderful Week and if you have any questions call me 518-788-4724

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