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The time is drawing near for me to embark on an extended journey with a Helderburg Defender, capturing evocative photos and penning stories and poems for a mesmerizing coffee table book. Though I’ve spoken of this venture before, the exhilaration of crafting one-of-a-kind Helderburg Defenders held me back from diving into it headlong. Oh, what a whirlwind 2023 has been, and yet, there are more chapters still to unfold!

I trust you’ll find pleasure in this week’s prose, video, and photographs. Should you be considering commissioning a Helderburg Defender, I’d be delighted to delve into some imaginative concepts with you. Reach out at 518-788-4724.

As the days slip by, and seasons weave their change,
Autumn emerges, a vivid, painterly exchange.
The landscape, once a gradual shift from white to blue,
Now bursts to life, a kaleidoscope, a dream come true.

Reds, golds, browns, and blues in vibrant display,
Everywhere you look, a pop of joy in the autumn’s array.
Colors galore, nature’s masterpiece unfolds,
A symphony of hues, a story waiting to be told.

I’m driving down the backroads of Sharon Springs, my home,
Capturing in my mind the scenes where I roam.
I’m all alone, yet comfort fills my soul’s cup,
For nature’s choir surrounds me, waking spirits up.

Birds serenade with songs, geese in southward flight,
Deer in playful dance, a world in sheer delight.
Everything flows, a harmonious, rhythmic tune,
In this tapestry of life, under autumn’s gentle moon.

I’m not alone, in this cozy, happy sphere,
Autumn’s magic whispers, “You are welcome here.”
As I drive these winding lanes, I’m not alone at all,
With every sight and sound, I hear nature’s loving call.

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