Newsletter: I should have emailed sooner

I meant to email and share all that is going on but time keeps slipping away. I really wanted to write a lovely prose telling of my adventure. Time is scarce since we’re all spending long days in the shop working to complete custom builds prior to the end of the year.

It’s been a busy summer for Helderburg as we have been busily creating some of the best custom Defenders to date. However I think the ones we are completing this quarter are some of the best ever.

Be sure to read to the bottom since I have a video for you but before I share the video let me share some Defenders and Porsche we have available right now in Sharon Springs. 

The Defenders

1. Otto a D90 Softtop is one I absolutely love this color combo but winter will be present in Upstate NY so it’s time I let it go to someone’s beach home or warmer climate. See more here.

2. SVX a D90 Softtop is very special in so many ways and it’s positively a one of a kind so call me to discuss it at 518-788-4724. See more here.

3. Elke a D110 Hardtop will be completed in 60 days so you can have it in November. This was a build for a client but he switched to a D130. It’s Porsche Arctic Blue with a two tone Beige and Black Diamond Stitch Interior and is lifted. If you are wanting to avoid the wait then call me 518-788-4724

4. Maxim, a D90 Hardtop that is lifted and one of our most popular builds, is available now and located in Sharon Springs, NY. See more here.

5. Bohn a D90 Hardtop is a perfect mix of elegance and ruggedness and is in Sharon Springs, NY so you can have it this week. See more here.

I’m excited that we have a few Defenders available now for purchase since that rarely happens.

Now time for Porsche’s

1. Brock a 1982 Porsche 930 Style is available now and we did a full restoration making it a beast that has over 312hp and will catapult you to 202 mph easily if you dare. See more here.

2. 25th Anniversary a 1989 Porsche 911 is an original Porsche Special Package that is so much fun to drive with a custom exhaust and map. It’s fast and retro. See more here.

Talking About Porsche brings me to the thought…what if we combine a Porsche and Defender? The result can be seen in this video!

Watch the Video!

Call me at 518-788-4724 to commission your Helderburg Defender or Porsche 356 or 911. Sorry to be rushed and promise to write an enchanting story soon. 

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