Newsletter: Do you know Steve?

While Steve might be a stranger to you, I’m certain you’ll find something relatable in his unique journey. Allow me to paint the backstory for you. My initial conversation with Steve is etched in my memory. His voice carries a distinct, warm, and soothing quality, akin to a seasoned radio announcer, Steve laid eyes on the Bayeux, the Helderburg 110 Double Cab that we built for John in Sun Valley. He couldn’t help but express his admiration, sharing his desire for a Helderburg 110 Wagon. His reason? To be the “Cooler Grand Dad with room for all the GrandKids.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at his ambition and responded with a proposition — on one condition.

I gave Steve my assurance that, even if it required him to step out of his comfort zone, we could craft something extraordinary together. I had a strong belief that the final outcome would not only enchant him but also ensure that his grandchildren’s… friends would have no doubt about who has the coolest Grandpa – and in my book, that’s worth double points!

And thus, “Bruno” was born. The name itself has a delightful origin. Initially, Steve had intended to let his grandchildren christen the Helderburg build, but as you can imagine, asking young minds to name a one-of-a-kind Defender led to a swift change of plans.

The journey of building Bruno was nothing short of memorable. Steve and I engaged in countless conversations and text exchanges as I constantly made suggestions, particularly regarding the color scheme. Steve initially leaned towards a hue I had already used in a previous project, but I sensed he might grow weary of it too soon. So, subtly, I guided him towards the striking color that now adorns Bruno’s exterior. It took a few months for Steve to finalize his color choice, but I was convinced it would be the perfect choice for earning those “Cool Points” with the grandkids and everyone else.

The interior design phase was equally enjoyable. He initially considered a black interior and later shifted towards a saddle brown. Again I subtly convinced him for us to mix the two colors and contrast the stitching. It was evident that Steve desired an interior that made a statement, and I’m delighted he took the leap of faith. He asked for pictures and I told him no one has done an interior like this…YET!

Now, I invite you to take a look at Bruno, The Helderburg 110. If you’re ready to amass some “cool points” with your kids, grandkids, or simply for your own delight, reach out to me. Let’s explore the possibilities of crafting your very own one of a kind Helderburg.

Now, here’s the question answered: Steve may be a stranger, but you might just find a reflection of your own passion in his story. Perhaps, like him, you have a penchant for unique, one-of-a-kind Defenders, where attention to detail shines through even in photographs. Imagine the sheer splendor of owning your very own Helderburg build? If the thought intrigues you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s discuss the exciting prospects of creating your own Helderburg masterpiece.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,

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