How to Make Your Car Paint Shine Like Glass

Watch this video with Paul Potratz and learn how to make your paint shine like glass when you polish your car.

You will need 24 Towels
Professional Microfiber Towels and Wash Detergent –

Step 1 is to detail spray and ensure car is clean and free of dust then move to Clay Bar. Work in 2×2 areas in the shade. 
Detail Spray Bottle –
Detail Spray Bulk to fill Bottle –
Clay Bar Kit –
Clay Bar Lubricant –

Step 2 is to polish car with 1st, 2nd and 3rd polish below. In the shade and in 2×2 areas. This polish is easy to remove unlike others and shine is the best. 
Rupes Big Foot Non-Swirl Mark Polisher –
Rupes 150mm Foam Pads –
Foam Pad Spray Cleaner –
First – Sonax Profiline Cut Max –
Second – Sonax Profiline Medium Polish –
Third – Rupes All in One Final Polish –

Step 3 is to Seal The Paint so it shines like glass and will reduce need to wash the car. This stuff looks great on a car that has been clay barred and polished. Deep wet looking shine! 
Final Step to Make Paint Really Shine is Polymer Shield –

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