How to Insure a Defender

Commission Your California Legal Classic Land Rover Defender

So insuring a Defender is no different than Insuring a classic car or the car you just recently bought at the dealership.

In fact, I have my Defenders insured through GEICO and it’s really simple. I mean, you call GEICO, you give ’em the VIN number, oftentimes they’re not able to pull it up, meaning that the VIN number is not showing here in the United States of what type of vehicle it is. You tell ’em the type of vehicle, they manually enter it in the system and you have an insurance card, you have insurance.

So it’s a very simple process, at least I found it very simple and the clients that I have have found it simple to get the vehicle insured.

The determination you’re going to have to decide is are you going to insure it for what they show the value is? Or are you going to insure it for more? But the value, what’s happen, the value if you were to pull it up on a Kelley Blue Book or an NADA Guide, the value on those books are going to show what you’re paying for the Defenders, so generally you don’t have to do a stated value, but again, you can use GEICO, you can use Allstate, State Farm, there’s a lot of different options, just when you call to actually insure it, don’t complicate it, you just want to give ’em a VIN number and then when it doesn’t show up initially, you tell ’em the year, make model, and that there’s been no modifications to it even though it’s a full restoration.

So, keep it simple and you will have the insurance. Again, I have not run into any problems and I haven’t heard of any problems, but it’s not any different of insuring a Defender than it would be a classic car which brings me to another point. You do have the option to go to one of the insurance companies to do the classic car insurance, why you would do that? I don’t really know, I looked into it and I didn’t see any value. In fact, the insurance and the classic car company was a little more expensive than what I pay at GEICO. For my D10, I pay about $360 a year, I’m in Upstate New York, so I’m sure the rates going to be different depending on where you’re located and how dense the population is, but 360 a year is what I pay for a full coverage through GEICO. So, simple process, not very expensive to insure and my insurance is a replacement cost so you can’t beat it, and again, it was full coverage. So, insurance easy.

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