Test Drive Defender D90 Soft Top

Commission Your California Legal Classic Land Rover Defender

So to give you an idea of sound, what I did is, I downloaded a Decibel meter and so I’m going to record that and just driving down the road, keep in mind, this is a soft top, so it is going to be a little noisier than a hard top.

The hard top, you can put a lot of sound deadening into it. Soft top, we really don’t do any sound deadening, I know, actually, we don’t do any sound deadening in a soft top, what’s the point? So right now, Decibel meters is we’re accelerating up without my voice, 90. So rolling down the road right now, we’re still in the 90 range, climbing a Hill, into fifth gear. We’re between 89 to 92, right now, 67. So it depends on the road, 66, 67, 69. So it says it’s a quiet street, shifting down, getting out in a little bit, 95. So this is under acceleration. We are at 65 miles an hour.

So there you go guys, any questions? You know how to get in contact with me? Just let me know but like the video, share the video, I’d appreciate it. Any questions though? Anything I can answer, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time.

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