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Bespoke D90 Softtop Defender Agreement


Make: Land Rover
Model: D90 Softtop
Price: $0
Upgrades Selected:

New York Auto Dealer: #7127211
Helderburg Defenders, LLC
130 Zeller Road in Sharon Springs, NY 13459

Estimated Timeline for Bespoke Performance Build

Estimated Build Date: 2023-01-20
Bespoke Total Build Price as selected: $0
% Deposit Due to Start Bespoke Build: $50

Deposit and Payment Information:

For credit and bank transfers:
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Mail Check:
Helderburg Defenders, LLC
130 Zeller Road
Sharon Springs, NY 13459

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Please Note: Signing this agreement and sending the deposit will ensure you have a build slot and reserve your Defender. This will allow us to work together on final design choices of your Bespoke Defender without concern of your slot being lost or Defender being sold. If you have questions please call 518-788-4724 since we have a limited number of build slots per year and once the slot is gone we can't add more.

Bespoke D90 Defender Agreement and Bill of Sale

1.1 : Introductory Message

These terms and conditions are important. They form a part of your contract with Helderburg. They come into effect upon the payment of your initial deposit. Please read them carefully and if you are uncertain about any aspect of what's written please do not hesitate to get in contact. Helderburg restores and delivers Land Rover Defenders to the highest of standards. The client has every right to expect the uppermost level of product quality and customer service. Please be prepared for what a restored Helderburg Defender is. You are not buying a new vehicle. You are buying a customised restored vehicle, which was originally built as a platform for utility, not luxury. By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you understand the nature of historic vehicle ownership. It is important to note that upon receiving the vehicle you will have to deal with local registration agencies for any necessary testing and titling of the vehicle. Helderburg can offer support and guidance to aid with this process. Helderburg will train you in the use of the vehicle and give advice and assistance with its titling if necessary.

All orders will be subject to the terms stated in these Terms and Conditions. The client, by default, agrees to the Terms and Conditions, along with the Helderburg Terms of Sale and Warranty (this document) by signing the initial sales invoice and/or depositing the initial 50% payment. The client (or nominated third party) will take custody of the vehicle upon delivery or collection of said vehicle. Please retain a copy of all provided documentation for your own records.

1.2 : Helderburg’s Commitment to Privacy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Helderburg takes great care with all client information. Personal information, such as the client's e-mail address, name, home or work address and telephone number is collected by us and is used solely for the purpose of billing, shipping and fulfilling the order. When placing an order, we always collect the following details from you whilst protecting your data securely. • Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Telephone Number, Email Address Helderburg uses the information the client provides when placing an order only to complete that order. Helderburg do not share any of this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete the order. Helderburg uses return email addresses to answer any emails received. Such addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties. Helderburg never uses or shares the personally identifiable information provided in ways unrelated to the ones described without also providing you an opportunity to opt-out or otherwise prohibit such unrelated uses.

Helderburg may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. Helderburg may do so when: (1) permitted or required by law, (2) trying to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions, or (3) investigating fraud which has already taken place. The information is not provided to any companies for marketing purposes. The client's personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information.

1.3 : Helderburg’s Website and Social Media

Helderburg is not responsible for the privacy statements or content on websites outside of our website. The Helderburg site may use cookie and tracking technologies, which are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the site, and understanding how visitors use the site. Cookies can also help customize the site for visitors.

Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology; however, if the client previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

Social media videos and all content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and Helderburg or it’s parties are not suggesting or recommending any performance modifications or updates should be made. In the event that any of the updates, modifications are made then Helderburg is held harmless for any damage, failure or accidents.

1.4 : Helderburg’s Liabilities

Helderburg accepts no responsibility for harm or damage resulting from the use or misuse of its product(s). Clients are advised to carefully consider any modifications for their vehicle and ensure that they meet with local Road Safety requirements and statutory obligations in relation to the use of motor vehicles in the client's region. Helderburg reserve the right to refuse the fitment of any accessory or adaption to/of the vehicle should Helderburg believe the change is principally unsound.

1.5 : Helderburg's Company Registration Details

Helderburg's company is a New York LLC and a registered New York Auto Dealer #7127211. Helderburg's registered address is 130 Zeller Road Sharon Springs NY 13459


2.1 : Finalizing an Order

2.1.1 : Helderburg requires a 50% Deposit Payment (see 2.2.1) to hold a vehicle in a client's name. Once this payment has been made Helderburg will begin allocating resources in preparation for the restoration and delivery of the vehicle.

2.1.2 : The price the client pays for the vehicle is agreed at the time of the Deposit Payment being received. The client will be able to moderately change or amend the order up until the vehicle enters the production line, and (if required) the remaining balance will be altered to accurately reflect the costs of these changes.

2.1.3 : If Helderburg discovers a significant error in the price of parts, accessories, interior or items to complete the build the client has ordered, Helderburg will inform the client as soon as possible and give the client the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or cancelling that modification.

2.1.4 : At the time of placing your order you will be given a guide program of works and an estimated month upon which you can expect to take delivery of your order. This does not form a guarantee between Helderburg and the client.

2.2 : Deposits & Stage Payment Model

Helderburg operates a stage payment model, comprising two 50% payments unless agreed prior to contract.

2.2.1 : Deposit Payment (50%)

Clients make the first down payment of 50% to hold their production slot in the Helderburg build schedule. Any changes to specification at a later date will be added to final payment. An estimated date of final arrival will be provided to the client if additional specs cause delays.

2.2.3 : Completion Payment (50%)

Clients make the final payment of 50% just prior to their vehicle leaving the Helderberg Build Facility in England. If there has been any discrepancy in any previous payments, the client is required to clear the outstanding balance in full prior to shipment. The time between the first and completion payment can vary depending on Heldeburg's build schedule. Once the final payment has cleared, a final estimated date of delivery will be furnished to the client.

The client will only become the legal owner of the vehicle once Heldeburg has received full payment. At such time the client will insure the vehicle.

2.3 : Cancellations

Helderburg reserves the right to move the clients build slot start date or cancel a client's order and refund the client as outlined below if the following situations occur:

2.3.1 : The client fails to settle the balance of any outstanding invoice(s) within 31 days of the invoice(s) being furnished. Helderburg will offer vehicle for sale and once sold client will receive a refund minus 25% of original sale price or final selling price whichever is less.

2.3.2 : The client fails to lock down the specification of their vehicle with the Helderberg team before Production Entry. The build slot date will be delayed to next in line.

2.3.3 : The client becomes unresponsive (without given reason or communication from an authorized third party) to any or all email, telephone or mail correspondence. Helderburg will offer vehicle for sale and once sold client will receive a refund minus 25% of original sale price or final selling price whichever is less.

2.3.4 : If client decides to cancel order after initial deposit then Helderburg will offer the vehicle for sale to another client prior to restoration being completed if applicable and refund amount paid minus a commission fee of 20% of original selling price or final selling price whichever is less.

2.3.5 : If client decides to cancel order after all full balance is paid then Helderburg will offer vehicle for sale and once sold client will receive a refund minus 25% of original sale price or final selling price whichever is less.

2.4 : Shipping & Import/Export

2.4.1 : Helderburg will always act to ensure the client's order is shipped as quickly and conveniently as possible. However, it is not possible to guarantee a specific window for the departure or arrival of any shipping vessel. Helderburg cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience or delay associated with the external shipping process.

2.4.2 : Helderburg will ensure that the vehicle is correctly removed from the UK registry (DVLA).

2.4.3 : Helderburg will ensure that the vehicle is transported to port or loading area and safely handed into the custody of the third-party shipping/transportation agent. Helderburg has independent shipping insurance,which covers certain risks to the client during the vehicle's transit.

2.4.4 : The client is expected to contact local authorities for further advice on the importation and registration of their vehicle. Where Helderburg strives to remain an expert knowledge on the preparation and import/export of Land Rovers, advice given is not legally binding and is furnished purely as a guide only.This is due to the ever-changing dynamic of vehicle import legislation. : If the client requests any specific importation actions for Helderburg to undertake on their behalf (regardless of whether or not the actions are included within the Helderburg advertised pricing or information), the client and Helderburg must agree to these actions in writing prior to the order being placed. Helderburg cannot be held accountable if the client fails to identify any such actions.

2.5 : Vehicle Registration

2.5.1 : The client will be provided with the following documentation from us in order to assist with their local registration and title arrangements: According to the DMV these are the documents required to register the vehicle. In the event your state DMV is unable to register the vehicle then Helderburg will provide guidance to register,title in other means. California registration requires a smog certification which is available through a 3rd party and Helderburg will provide introductions but will not be held responsible for California approval, certification, smog acceptance.

  • V5 UK Certificate of Registration.
  • Final Invoice of Purchase.
  • Customs clearance documents (issued by customs broker).
  • Original Confirmation of Date of Build (issued by Jaguar Land Rover).
  • Helderburg Certificate of Approval.

2.5.2 : It is the client's responsibility to arrange issuance of the vehicle's title.


3.1 : Warranty Overview

Helderburg offers a warranty on all its products. This warranty is valid for 12-months, commencing on the date of which the client takes handover of the vehicle. The warranty is valid only when all the parameters, described in 3.2, have been successfully met. Helderburg reserves the right to reject a warranty claim or invalidate warranty entirely if any of the events as described in 3.3 occur. The warranty provides, engine, transmission, coverage, except for issues as described in 3.4.

3.2 : Warranty Parameters

Helderburg Warranty is only valid when the following parameters have been met prior to a claim being made:

3.2.1 : Helderburg Handover

The driver, at the time of the issue's occurrence, has partaken in an Helderburg Handover, with an authorised Helderburg representative, and both parties have signed to confirm they are satisfied with the delivery/reception of this Handover.

3.2.2 : Helderburg Ownership Guide

The client has followed the Helderburg Ownership Guide, as described in the 'Helderburg Ownership Guide' addenda.

3.2.3 : Issue Reporting

The client has reported the issue to Helderburg as quickly as feasibly possible once the issue occurs. The reporting on the issue should be complete, and as detailed and as accurate as reasonably possible.

3.2.4 : Helderburg Recommendations

The client has followed all Helderburg's past and present recommendations to resolve past and present issues with the vehicle.

3.2.5 : Cessation of Usage

The client ceased usage of the vehicle as soon as the issue occurred, where reasonably possible. Dependent on the severity of the issue and the specific circumstances of each issue, Helderburg may waive the need for this parameter to have been met, at its own discretion.

3.3 : Warranty Invalidation

Helderburg reserves the right to reject a warranty claim, or completely invalidate a client's warranty, in the event of the following:

3.3.1 : Damage Caused by the Client

Any damage to the vehicle caused by the client will not be covered. This includes all cosmetic and mechanical damage.

3.3.2 : Damage Caused by Neglect

Any damage to the vehicle caused by neglect of the vehicle's operation and safety by the client will not be covered. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Failure to maintain the vehicle correctly, including but not limited to failure to service or have the vehicle serviced at the correct intervals, failure to maintain correct fluid levels, failure to maintain correct tyre pressures, failure to maintain correct belt tensions in line with Helderburg’s recommendations as described in the ‘Helderburg Ownership Guide’.
  • Failure to obey state driving laws and regulations, failure to operate the vehicle safely on and offroad, failure to store the vehicle safely when not in use.

3.3.3 : Damage Caused by a Third Party

Any damage caused to the vehicle by a third party will not be covered. This includes all cosmetic, electrical and mechanical damage.

3.3.4 : Damage Caused by Accident

Any accidental damage caused by the client, or any other party, will not be covered.

3.3.5 : Modifications and Alterations

Any modification or alteration to the vehicle not sanctioned by Helderburg will invalidate the warranty. Any fitment of new parts not supplied and fitted by Helderburg will invalidate the warranty. Removal of any parts or components from the vehicle as delivered by Helderburg without Helderburg's specific instruction will invalidate the warranty. Any individual that attempts to service or repair the vehicle not approved by Helderburg.

3.4 : Warranty Exceptions

The following items are considered as normal usage occurrences and are not covered:

  • Paintwork damage through normal usage, such as stone chips and scratches.
  • Refilling of screen wash fluid.
  • Punctured tires and general tyre wear.
  • Minor levels of smoke from the exhaust system on start-up and during driving.
  • Minor fluid leaks and drips.
  • Minor rattles from exterior and interior panelling.
  • Minor rumbling noises from the transmission, steering and suspension while manoeuvring.
  • Engine consuming minor amounts of oil.

The following items are considered as consumable service items and are not covered:

  • Brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, brake drums.
  • Air conditioning gassing.
  • Any and all oils and fluids.
  • Any filters.

The following items are also not covered:

  • Any damage arising from a foreign material introduced into the fuel, air or cooling system, such as water, sand and general debris.


This agreement is the beginning of your relationship with Helderburg. It paves the way for the sourcing, restoration, shipment, delivery and finally your ownership of your Defender. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please speak directly to a member of our team. Upon future adventures and endeavours, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and support. Your Unforgettable Journeys start here.

Article 5: Agreement and Signature

By Signing The form above I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to Helderburg Defenders, LLC terms of Sale and Warranty.