Helderburg Collecting Classic Defenders

Collecting Classic Defenders

Collecting Classic Defenders
to Supplement Your Investment Portfolio

Collecting cars is not as easy as just buying and holding on to them for a few years. There are some specific rules to follow to ensure your Classic Land Rover Defender will increase in value and you can get the details in this video.

Classic Land Rover Defenders on Top 10 List of Collectible Investment... AGAIN!

Individuals have invested in artwork, stamps, antiques and increasingly popular and worthwhile investment in recent years has been classic cars. Again this year, Forbes and High Consumption, which are two popular publications, rank Classic Land Rover Defenders as the top 10 and top 15 respectively as a vehicle that will continue to increase in value. Most consider cars a deprecating asset but that's far from the truth when it's a specific car that is collectible, rare or unique.

The market of collecting classic cars has outpaced the S&P in value for the last 10+ years and according to *HAGI classic cars have produced a return of 21.33% YTD (Sept 2023). The best part for a car enthusiast is you can actually drive and enjoy a Helderburg while it continues to rise in value.

*Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI™) is an independent investment research house and think-tank with specialized expertise in the rare classic motorcar sector. http://www.historicautogroup.com/

"If your money is growing less valuable by the day, why not park it in something that tends to grow in price over time?"

— Adam Wilcox Hagerty Insider Market Trendsp

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