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How to Buy a Smog-Compliant Classic Land Rover Defender for California

Dreaming of owning a timeless Classic Land Rover Defender but worried about California’s strict smog laws?

You’re not alone. The good news is that owning a smog-compliant Classic Land Rover Defender in California is not only possible but is a hassle-free process when you commission a custom Helderburg Defender.

Helderburg Builds California Legal Defenders

We specialize in custom designing and building 25 Year Old Classic Land Rover Defenders that meet California’s smog and CARB requirements.  We deliver a California-compliant Luxury Built to Order Classic Defender to you in just 6-8 months.

Modern amenities in a classic Land Rover Defender

Here’s How We Do It:

  1. Custom Design: Each Defender is tailored to your specifications, ensuring not only California compliance but also personalization with modern luxury and performance.
  2. Expert Engineering: We retrofit each Classic Defender for optimal performance, comfort and California legal compliance.
  3. Turnkey Solution: From sourcing the vehicle to handing over the keys, we manage the entire process, making it stress-free for you.
  4. Drives like a Modern SUV: A Heldeburg Defender has the power and handling that makes daily commutes or long trips enjoyable and comfortable. 
  5. Modern Comforts: We keep the timeless design but build a Defender that is comfortable for today’s family on the go. 

Own a Piece of History

If you’ve been holding back from pursuing your dream of owning a classic Land Rover Defender in California due to smog compliance concerns, performance or ride comfort. Then you simply haven’t considered a Defender designed and built by Helderburg. With Helderburg, you can own a piece of automotive history without the hassles of regulatory compliance or old classic car limitations in California.

California emission standards classic Land Rover Defender

A Helderburg Defender Drives Like a Modern SUV

A Helderburg Defender is engineered for both performance and comfort, making it an ideal One of a Kind, Turn Heads, Rolling Artwork  for a Daily Driver.

We combine classic aesthetics with modern engineering to deliver a driving experience that’s smooth, reliable, and enjoyable for everyday use. A Helderburg is extremely comfortable for long trips and drives like a modern day SUV.

Comfortable Classic Land Rover Defender

Engine, Transmission and Warranty

We offer Classic Land Rover Defenders that meet modern driving expectations with ease. A Classic Land Rover Defender by Helderburg that is California compliant and smog approved has a tow rating of 10,000 lbs.  

  • Six speed Automatic and Manual Transmissions & Gasoline Engines: Catering to modern convenience, we offer both automatic transmissions and gasoline engines 435hp which provides sports car performance. 
  • Factory Warranty: Nationwide 2 year/50,000 warranty with 2,900 repair facilities. 
  • Color Palette: Choose from hundreds of colors to personalize your Classic Defender to your taste.

What About the 2035 Vehicle Ban

Despite the New Car Ban of 2035, which applies to new cars, your Helderburg Defender, being a highly modified 25-year-old classic, is exempt and represents a timeless investment to be enjoyed for generations.

Pricing and Ordering a California Compliant Defender

  • Helderburg Pricing: A California Legal Classic Helderburg Defender 110 (4 door) generally start at $328,440 (See Past Custom Helderburg Land Rover Defenders Here)
  • Deposit to Start: 50% Deposit required to get started and the balance is due when your Defender is completed 6-8 months.
  • Defenders Available to Build: We have Defenders ready and waiting to be restored so you don’t have to wait for us to find one. 
  • Financing or Payments: We don’t offer financing, but Woodside Credit in California could help you.
  • Trade Ins: We don’t take trade vehicles. 

How to Get Started

Ready to turn the dream of owning a Classic Land Rover Defender into reality? Click Below to start the journey of owning a California smog-compliant Classic Land Rover Defender from Helderburg.

Custom Classic Land Rover Defender with California smog compliance.

Things to Consider about a California Legal Helderburg Defender

Finding a pre-owned Helderburg Defender is a rare feat: With over 180 custom Helderburg Defenders crafted, clients seldom part with them. This rarity underscores the deep appreciation and lasting commitment our clients have towards their Helderburg Defenders, cherishing and retaining them as lifetime treasures.

Classic Land Rover Defenders have Continued to Rise in Value: they simply don’t depreciate like a vehicle you buy off the lot.

Looking for More Room: Our Classic Land Rovers can be re-engineered to accommodate clients up to 6’9″ tall, ensuring comfort for nearly anyone. If that’s still not sufficient, Our Custom Classic Chevrolet K5 Blazers might just be the perfect fit for you.

Seeking Power, Comfort and Automatic: The custom Helderburg Defender, legal in California, packs a punch with over 435 hp and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Our unique and exclusive Helderburg custom suspension ensures a ride comparable to a modern SUV, earning accolades that a Helderburg is the finest Classic Land Rover Defender globally designed and built.

California Legal Classic Land Rover Defenders

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PS. 6-8 Months is all it takes if you get started, if you start now.   

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