Bespoke Defenders

You make compromises daily. Now is not one of those occasions. Your bespoke built Defender will meet the exact specifications you have in mind because we use your wants as our blueprint.

Here’s your chance to have the Defender 90, 110 or 130 you’ve been dreaming of.

During the Bespoke Built process, you have the opportunity to customize the following options and more:

  • Paint Colors
  • Interior Colors and Fabrics/Leather
  • Engine Performance Upgrades* (turbo, intercoolers, boost) 
  • Wheel size/type and tires
  • Steering Wheel
  • Lift and Suspension Lifts/Upgrades 
  • Bumpers, Winches
  • Roll Bars, Roof Racks
  • Tents, Camper Tops
  • Lighting, Light Bars
  • Soft Tops, Half Cabs, Pano Windows
  • Body Kits

The process of creating your Helderburg Bespoke Built Defender takes 4-6 months before being completed available for delivery to Sharon Springs, NY from our partners in England. To discuss having your Defender Bespoke Built, call or complete the contact form below.

*Engine and transmission has to be original for import laws.

Read This First:

We can build a Defender 90, 110 or 130 to your specifications. If you’re just curious or only slightly interested in a bespoke build and have questions then email me or call/text 518-788-4724 and skip the form below.

The Way it Works:

1. Tell me as much as you can about the Defender you desire in the form below
2. Provide the best contact information so we can have a brief conversation. 

The conversation is required to receive a quote and allows us to: 

A. Ensure you don’t have any unrealistic expectations about a Defender.
B. To determine if we can work harmoniously in the build process. 
C. Allows me to prepare an accurate quote, discuss deposits and financing options.

Bespoke Build Quote Request